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Quilmaná Rally: Ricardo Dasso won the second round of the ACP Rally Championship | PHOTOS

With the presence of more than 40 crews, the Quilmaná Rally of the ACP Rally Championship was carried out successfully over the weekend, with the experienced driver Ricardo Dasso taking the victory.

Quilmaná and Cerro Azul enjoyed the passage of vehicles in six specials at full speed. And it was Ricardo Dasso along with his co-driver Lilian Rojas who were the fastest aboard a Mitsubishi Evo 9.

“The first three specials were to adapt to the car, for the last three we came very well, much faster. We found several on the road changing tires but we seek to maintain the rhythm, finish and defend first place,” said Ricardo Dasso, who is 41 years old, most of them dedicated to motor racing.

“It has been incredible, the car is very fast and we have had fun. The first stage helped us adapt, but little by little we improved and we did it”, said Lilian Rojas, who has been Dasso’s co-driver for about four years.

  1. Dasso/Rojas – 41 min 41.7
  2. Richard Palomino – Adolfo Espinosa 43 min 42.2
  3. Jorge Martínez – Gustavo Medina with 44 min 02.8.

Meanwhile, by categories, Luis Alayza prevailed in the S2000, Álvaro Silva in T1 and Celestino Garrido in Trucks.

category winnersCrewTime
TINRicardo Dasso Lilian Rojas00:41:41.7
T1Alvaro Silva Miguel Makino00:46:04.6
S2000Luis Alayza Gabriel Lozada00:48:35.9
S.T.Liberto Rojas Jorge Aguilar00:48:47.4
CAMCelestino Garrido Percy Salcedo00:49:03.0
TILCarlos E. Lagones Ivan Figueroa00:49:13.4
UTVsMiguel Alvarez Jans Basurto00:50:33.2
Rally 5Javier Arce Mario Acosta00:51:01.3
JoynerJimmy Loayza Jose Caico00:51:11.8
S1600Eusebio Quinones Frank Quinones00:51:58.4

The Quilmaná Rally was the second date of the ACP Rally Championship, which began with the President of the Republic Award. The next date will be July 1 and 2 in Nasca and the calendar closes in Pisco on August 13.

Source: Elcomercio

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