SportsValère Germain wins gold for the MHSC

Valère Germain wins gold for the MHSC


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Call the Mister 100%. Valère Germain has shot three times on goal since arriving in Montpellier on the last day of the transfer window. Result: three goals. These stats summarize the perfect integration of the former Marseillais into his new team, he who was moping on the OM sidelines with a last match played on March 7. Before the black screen.

The MHSC did not win against Bordeaux (3-3), but confirmed that there was life, offensively, after the departure of care duo Laborde-Delort. “We’re not going to talk about the departure of Andy and Gaëtan every time. They left, it’s a thing of the past, was almost annoyed Téji Savanier, interviewed after the match against Saint-Etienne (2-1) on Amazon Prime. We recruited players, they showed that they could replace them. “

“The relationship with Téji is natural”

The manager of La Paillade obviously knows how to put the right ingredients for a successful integration. “Outside the field, we get along very well, we were able to sympathize,” continues the native of the city Gély. On the pitch, he understands football. I’m happy to have a striker like that, he makes calls from behind defenders and I love to give balls that way. “

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The complicity of the new Montpellier captain with the player trained in Monaco is spectacular. “The relationship with Téji is quite natural, the staff made sure that we are together on all the games but there are other very good relations with the others in particular Stephy [Mavididi] », Explains the author of the double against the Girondins. Impression confirmed by coach Olivier Dall’Oglio: “On the quality, there were really interesting things, we manage to be complementary whether it is Téji -Valère, but also on the sides. “

Fresh welcome, convincing response

Welcomed with freshness by many supporters, the new center forward immediately silenced the skeptics. His three goals in three games do not allow his new club to take off in the meantime (1 win, 2 draws), but they give him back a lost smile in Marseille. “I know that I have the confidence of my partners, of the staff, we have done everything here to make me feel good, confidence is gradually returning”, smiles the striker.

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When signing, Laurent Nicollin praised his state of mind. “He made an effort to come, we are no longer in the salaries he may have had,” explained the president. It’s nice to have a player of this level who accepts our conditions and refuses two or three other clubs with superior financial means. He has no reason to complain about it at the moment.


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