SportsAre the Americans taking their pants off Europe, heralding...

Are the Americans taking their pants off Europe, heralding future editions?


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The United States, carried by a new generation as talented as uninhibited, won the Ryder Cup for the 27th time in their history, delighting (19-9) the trophy to European veterans, Sunday at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. Leading 11 to 5 after the duo events (foursomes and fourballs), the Americans had only 3.5 points to glean in singles to be crowned. They did not tremble in the face of Europeans condemned to a feat never achieved in the history of competition and which will wait to be: closing a six point delay at the start of the final day.

Nine Americans among the world’s top eleven

The latter did not succeed, because, supported by some 40,000 supporters in fusion on the course nestled between cliffs and hills along Lake Michigan, the USA has never wavered. As a symbol, it was Collin Morikawa who brought the half point to close the deal in the 5th of 12 matches on the program. His birdie on the N.17, after an exceptional drive having approached him a few centimeters from the hole, was decisive, to finish tied with the Norwegian Viktor Hovland.

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The 24-year-old winner of the last British Open is the youngest of six rookies called up by coach Steve Striker, especially blessed to have nine players among the top 11 in the world. The inexperience with the armada of European veterans has not been a brake on the success of the USA.

“We embody the present”

“We’re a fairly young team, but a lot of us have experience on the track, although obviously the Ryder is a whole different beast to tame. We have lost a lot by looking to the past. We are the present and hopefully the future. As time goes by, we learn and improve, ”commented Morikawa. Is it aimed at Europe or the American veterans including Tiger Woods – still recovering seven months after his serious car accident which broke his right leg -, Phil Mickelson or Bubba Watson?

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History will tell. In the meantime, the “Tiger” who has never really shone in eight participations (13 wins, 21 losses, 3 draws and a trophy gleaned in 1999) hailed “the performance and the American domination” on Twitter. A success that was also built on the full card of world No. 2 Justin Johnson (five wins in as many matches) and on the bombs sent by Bryson DeChambeau, also decisive (3 & 2) against Sergio Garcia, the other main opposing threat. The Spaniard can take comfort, as this weekend he raised the new record for the number of victories in the history of the competition to 25.

The golden generation of Europe at the end of the cycle?

Rory McIlroy, however, seemed inconsolable to him despite his victory over the Olympic champion Xander Sc Chaudele (3 & 2), who maintained a semblance of suspense, but did not erase his ordeal during this 43rd Ryder Cup, with three initial defeats. “I never betrayed emotion or cried for what I did as an individual. I do not care. But now … I love being part of this team … I should have done more for her this week, “he said, his eyes cloudy with tears.

A week that should have ended with a miracle anyway, but Europe was starting too far. Here it is stuck at 14 successes, almost twice less than the Americans, to which are added two draws. The next edition will take place in 2023, in Guidonia Montecelio, near Rome. We wish Europe good luck in advance.


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