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Danilo Arboleda, Gustavo Dulanto’s partner: “I asked him for a University shirt and I always wear it” | INTERVIEW


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The titanic mission to catch Karim Benzema, Eden Hazard, Vinicius Junior and all the stars of the Real Madrid, at the Santiago Bernabeú stadium, was led by an unbreakable wall that functioned as a Swiss watch under the command of the goalkeeper of the Sheriff Tiraspol, the Greek Giorgos Athanasiadis, and seconded by two towers: Gustavo Dulanto and Danilo Arboleda.

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That is the pair of central Peruvian and Colombian nationality that congenial dreams and experiences in the world of football, after the historic 2-1 victory over the most winning team in the Champions League. So, ‘Pochito’, the ’55’ of the ‘Wasps’, touched the ball to his companion from a thousand battles, the 26-year-old player, a native of Florida, Valle del Cauca, and who was trained at Deportivo Cali, a club With which he made his professional debut in 2015. From Transnistria, Arboleda has taken time to learn about his friendship with the Peruvian footballer of the moment.

– How do you feel after having made history with Gustavo Dulanto and the entire Sheriff against Real Madrid?

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A very beautiful feeling for what we did as a team, as a group, but we have to continue like this, on the same path, with the same trend of continuing to work. We cannot stop, because if we do not classify everything will have been in vain, we have to continue.

– Is the defensive solvency you have with Gustavo Dulanto a reflection of the good coexistence they have off the field?

We always get together, we always share, we barbecue, we watch each other, so thank God it is reflected in the field. We have to continue like this, with that strength, continue to strengthen ourselves to improve. As I always tell you, you must always keep zero. It is also up to us to play in other leagues or in our national teams, which is the other dream we have.

– You have a lot of similarity with ‘Pochito’: they are central, of the same age, they dream of their national team and they were also criticized in their early days in football …

Yes, sir, and he is May 9, I am 16. He is older for days (laughs).

– When the sibalto sounded for the last time, at the Bernabéu, did you approach Gustavo and what did he say to him, while he was kneeling praying?

That we were very far from the family, that a job was not done in vain, that a very important team in the world was won. , that this does not stop here, what is on the way is more difficult. We have already set the bar very high, but it must be surpassed with the help of God.

GRAF1106.  MADRID, 09/28/2021.- The defenders of Sheriff Tiraspol, the Peruvian Gustavo Dulanto (i) and the Colombian Danilo Arboleda, celebrate the victory of the Moldovan team at the end of the Champions League match that they played on Tuesday against the Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, in Madrid.  EFE / Juanjo Martín

– How was the preparation of the defensive zone to withstand the attacks of Real Madrid?

We always talk with Gustavo that the arc has to be kept at zero. In ten games they made us only ten goals, so I think we are strong on the defensive side. We have to keep improving, work harder so they don’t score more goals. This belongs to everyone. With love and sacrifice, the team will continue to play. Whoever enters also fights, leaves everything on the field.

– Gustavo exchanged a shirt with Benzemá, you with which player?

With Eden Hazard, who I had to block on more than one occasion.

– Why with the Belgian?

I have always followed him for everything he did at Chelsea. It was beautiful to compete with him and beat him, with the Sheriff, and the group. That’s why, on the pitch, I told him to do me the favor of exchanging the jersey, and he said yes. He waited for me in the tunnel, he also took my shirt.

– The next rival will be Inter, on October 19 at San Siro …

Yes, with the grace of God we have to go with everything. It will be too complicated, we have to fight more than the game with Real Madrid, be 100 percent focused, give everything, as we always do, and go to win to be closer to qualifying.

– The request you made for Gustavo Dulanto to the Peruvian team on Instagram was well commented …

, he and I have been very criticized, but thank God we are doing things in the best way. I hope he gets the opportunity to play for his national team, I always tell him about those things. Our dreams have always been to represent our countries. For now, we must wait for the moment, and when it arrives, it will be enjoyed and will give the best for the love of our country.

– ‘Pochito’ also nominates you for the Colombian national team …

Yes, it is a dream that I will always have for a lifetime. I hope when that when it is fulfilled I will do it with love, with humility, with affection. It would be an impressive pride to represent my country.

– Who knows that, later on, they will be rivals in their national teams?

Hopefully it is fulfilled, but for that we have to continue working. We are now in Sheriff, so thinking about what’s next.

– You enjoy an encouraging present, after having endured criticism in your short stay in America de Cali …

It is the turn that football takes. I have always said that there are people who support in bad times, they should always be present, but there are others who abandon. This is football, everyone is watching. There are people who always dreamed of living this moment and could not, to continue fighting.

– Do you have reference to Peruvian football?

I have heard about his football from Gustavo, but I have friends like César Valoyes [NdR. ex Aurich y Ayacucho] who has played there.

– Surely Gustavo told you a lot about the Sports University, his former team, of which he is a fan …

, I support it, that’s very nice.

– Who was your mirror to follow in football?

Not much from Colombia, I always admired Carles Puyol, a leader, a reference, I always have him. I liked how he worked, then, always a fighter, a warrior.

– So, you are a Barcelona fan of Spain …

Yes, sir, and I was able to beat the staunch rival, Real Madrid at the Bernabéu itself.


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