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Premier League will allow vaccinated players to travel to play with their national team

The sanitary measures established in England have been strict in recent times, a situation that harmed some footballers, as they were unable to participate with their selected teams. However, control over the coronavirus pandemic has improved and they revealed something positive for the players: they will make the trips normally if they are vaccinated.

Regardless of whether the destination country is on the British government’s red list, athletes will be able to travel without major inconvenience. The news has been particularly liked in South America, given that representatives such as Argentina, Chile or Brazil will be able to count on their best stars without inconvenience.

However, for their return, footballers must fulfill some requirements proposed by the health authorities. On this occasion, they will no longer have to comply with the 10 days of absolute quarantine that had been established for the September FIFA date, but will have some permits.

Athletes, despite having the COVID-19 vaccine, will have to spend the same period of time in a hotel of their choice, but they will have the possibility of going out once daily. According to government spokesmen in England, they may do so to attend their training sessions or play a game.

This decision is positive for Premier League clubs as they will not lose their players for a long time. Recall that currently triple dates are disputed and therefore, some teams had only allowed their stars to only participate in two games of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, as happened with Emiliano Buendía and ‘Dibujos’ Martínez in Argentina. Even on their return they were out of the activity for almost two weeks.

Despite this novel decision, Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, does not take it in the best way. “There is a new quarantine that allows you to work, but not to see your family. The players will be with their team for 10 or 12 days and on their return they will spend 10 more days without their family. In two weeks there will be another call and I do not think it is a good solution”Said the German.


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