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Peruvian national team: What is missing for Reynoso to leave the Bicolor and Fossati takes over thinking about the Copa América?

Peruvian national team: What is missing for Reynoso to leave the Bicolor and Fossati takes over thinking about the Copa América?

Peruvian national team: What is missing for Reynoso to leave the Bicolor and Fossati takes over thinking about the Copa América?

DT was able to confirm what journalist Luis Carrillo wrote on his X account (formerly Twitter): Beyond the flexibility shown by the coach regarding economic issues, a point of consensus is not reached. Of course, time is another rival that has appeared. This week was key to finalizing the negotiations, but it did not happen. Now the new deadline is Monday, December 11.

As reported days ago, Juan Carlos Oblitas He met with Jorge Fossati in Uruguay, although at first El Ciego wanted to mislead the press by pointing out that he was not traveling to the eastern South American country but to the United States to witness the draw for the Copa América. His experience and knowledge of the local environment make him the main candidate.

Peruvian team
Chronology of the last weeks of the Bicolor

November 21:

After the 1-1 draw against Venezuela, secretary Sabrina Martin met with Reynoso’s agent to request his departure. The coach said in a conference that he would not resign.

November 22th:

Agent Mathías Fariña insisted: “Reynoso is not getting off the boat” and asked to respect the contract.

November 24

Juan Carlos Oblitas met with Reynoso to tell him in person of the FPF’s decision.

December 1st

Fossati accepted that he learned of the FPF’s interest in having him. He hopes that the Reynoso situation will be resolved.

December 2

Reynoso went to Videna to watch the Sub 23 training sessions. He does not give in.

December 4th

Oblitas travels to Uruguay to meet with Jorge Fossati.

December 5th

As DT learned, Oblitas and Fossati had contact in Montevideo.

We have to wait for the technician’s response.

According to La Videna sources, there was an understanding in sports between the two. The project is ambitious. And the federation is optimistic about having found the “ideal replacement.” However, whether it is a separation by mutual agreement or a dispute in an international instance (called CAS).

But there is also another protagonist in the novel: Sports University. The current champion of League 1 is waiting for the resolution of a negotiation that is causing problems. Jorge Fossati was the one who planned what would be the 2024 season, the Centennial season. That is, he was the one who asked for reinforcements (based on his 3-5-2 system) and even demanded that Luis Urruti, a Uruguayan nationalized Peruvian who has not yet clarified his future, be renewed.

Fossati still has a contract with the U for all of 2024. Meanwhile, in Ate they point out that they will wait for the Uruguayan on December 18 at the start of the preseason for two reasons: 1) he has a contract. 2) is plan A, B and C. Of course they are attentive to the moves and, in order to protect themselves, they analyze possible replacements. But from there nothing more.

Which selection would Fossati take and why could the Copa América 2024 be the turning point?

Although it is not yet official, Juan Reynoso will leave through the back door of La Videna. His catastrophic numbers also crossed borders: he is the coach with the worst start in a World Cup qualifying process.

On the canvas, with the poster of being the worst in South America at the moment, and without an established base despite having eight friendlies before the Qualifiers. This is how the coach leaves the Peruvian team Juan Reynoso. Will he do the miracle? With Universitario he showed that he does have the ability. He took over the club after the terrible management of Carlos Compagnucci and made it champion.

Of course, work in a national team is not the same as in a club. But Fossati He will have time to rehearse and reverse the situation in the Qualifiers. Before facing Colombia in September on date seven, the Uruguayan will have four friendlies (two in March and two in June) and the America Cup as a test bed.

According to what Franco Navarro Jr., national team manager, pointed out, The federation is looking for two top rivals in Europe for the friendlies in March. Regarding the Copa América, Peru fell into group A, considered the “group of death.” The Bicolor will face Chile, Argentina and Canada or Trinidad and Tobago. That is, Fossati will be able to measure the real situation of his team against very strong rivals and in a tournament that suits everyone’s team: it reached the semifinals in four of the last five editions, and in 2019 it played in the final.

Source: Elcomercio

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