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The last 24 hours in Videna: this is how the decision was made to pay for the departure of Reynoso

The last 24 hours in Videna: this is how the decision was made to pay for the departure of Reynoso

The last 24 hours in Videna: this is how the decision was made to pay for the departure of Reynoso

One more day and in Videna the final signature is not reflected in the document that the entire country is waiting for. Three weeks later since the decision was made to no longer continue with Juan Reynoso in charge of the Peruvian team, all that remains is to have a piece of paper in hand for the story to end. It’s a matter of hours, they say from San Luis, but like everything in Peruvian soccer, the wait can be long.

The first big decision was made Monday night at the FPF board of directors. Deporte Total learned that the directors agreed to pay the termination of Juan Reynoso’s contract. The amount they decided to deliver is one that is very close to what the coach requested, in order to seek a consensus that would put an end to all the drama that was being created, and even more so because Jorge Fossati was waiting on the sidelines for the final resolution to define his stance.

With figures in hand, yesterday was a new day of negotiations, and they presented that proposal to Reynoso’s agent, the Uruguayan Mathías Fariña. DT knows that the payment of that contract consists of three parts: Reynoso’s payment, the technical command’s payment and the payment that corresponds to the representative. In the first two points, those involved agreed to give in to their claims, while the agent’s point seemed to be the one that could trap everything. Fortunately, at night the Uruguayan would have accepted what was offered.

However, all these negotiations took place verbally. The next step for the federation is to draft the detailed agreements for Fariña to sign the final dissolution. This procedure must be completed today, Wednesday, in order to legally conclude the Reynoso road in the Bicolor.

The official statement of the strategist’s departure has already been drafted, but the contract resolution is yet to be signed before it can be made public. Even yesterday part of his work team would have removed his belongings from the National Sports Village.

—What’s coming—

The other step that must be taken at Videna is to start the contractual process with Jorge Fossati. The Uruguayan coach’s agent, Pablo Bentancur, is in Lima waiting for the document confirming Reynoso’s departure to then sit down with the FPF directors.

The Uruguayan already accepted the sporting challenge in the contact he had with Juan Carlos Oblitas in Montevideo. Now they will have to define the economic part, in addition to informing Universitario that they will not continue in the cream centenary project.

From Ate they also expect that communication to start looking for his replacement. Although Jean Ferrari assured that they did not give the Uruguayan coach a response time, they were against time, since on Monday they must begin their preseason with a view to next year’s season.

Just yesterday, the merengues presented their clothing for the centenary, which features the logo with the number 100 and the seal that presents them as champion. They will play the Cream Night with that shirt.

Source: Elcomercio

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