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Jorge Fossati: the story behind the negotiation, the goodbye to the U and when he would come to Lima |  CHRONICLE

Jorge Fossati: the story behind the negotiation, the goodbye to the U and when he would come to Lima | CHRONICLE

Jorge Fossati: the story behind the negotiation, the goodbye to the U and when he would come to Lima |  CHRONICLE

Twenty-two of an unnecessary novel, where the prestige of the FPF has been hit, again; the relationship with the U at a stalemate, and the link between Jorge Fossati/U/inflada, the man with whom they negotiated even when Juan Reynoso had a signed contract, put on a thread that is inevitably broken.

-The novel-

A tweet on the Peruvian Football Federation account published this Wednesday at 11:51 am indicated through a press release that the Reynoso era had culminated in everyone’s team.

With time against, the Board of Directors of the Peruvian Football Federation commissioned the legal area to draft the resolutions for Juan and his entire technical team, and then just hold a meeting to formalize the conversations with Fossati’s manager Pablo Bentancur, who is in Lima and is a renowned Peruvian businessman who traveled to Uruguay from a very young age and made his career in the Uruguayan country. Additionally, he owns AC Bellinzona in Switzerland. Bentancur was in Videna on Tuesday, Reynoso’s last day as coach, and was there on Wednesday afternoon to agree on the conditions of his representative, who found out everything in real time.

From those around Jorge Fossati’s technical command they were clear yesterday, again: “We were against time, yes. The teacher wants to accept the challenge, but out of respect for his colleague, he could not continue in this situation. If they sign, and the separation is officially made public, the negotiation moves quickly, in 24 hours it can be closed, and the professor loves and respects the U a lot.”

Perhaps the only condition that Fossati set, via Bentancur, in this negotiation, was that the issue be closed on Wednesday. It seemed to him that extending it any longer was a lack of respect for the champion club. He would have even said that “the affection that the people of the U have for him is reciprocal and he cannot stretch it any further.” And perhaps it was also a way to put pressure on Videna, so that this novel does not have more damage or injuries.

-The link with the U-

Fossati was always the one chosen to lead Peru. Now that the issue is resolved, DT can recount a brief conversation with Juan Carlos Oblitas, from a few weeks ago: “He was our first option. If the issue was not resolved, we were going to take a long time to look for another coach.” The numbers with the U, that is, making him champion, group management and experience, were the main determining factors in Oblitas’ report presented to the FPF board to consider him the ideal coach of the bicolor with the aim of resurrecting him, after play 6 games and only add two points in the Qualifiers.

At the close of this note, our source from Videna explains a no small detail. “The link is until the end of the Qualifiers, with the possibility of renewing if they qualify for the 2026 World Cup. The FPF will speak with Jean Ferrari, since the teacher’s contract has a clause and the Federation should assume it, because it went to look for him. to the technician, it is not that the teacher has offered to be an option, therefore, I do not think there will be problems, since it was a low amount,” he stated.

What do you mean by low amount? DT knows unofficially that the figure to terminate reached three salaries, in any case: if he left or if the club decided to leave. We could talk about 100 thousand dollars, which the FPF must take care of.

-Is Jorge Fossati coming to Lima?

As it is public – and the cream administration decided not to modify – this Monday the 18th the preseason begins at the Universitario de Deportes, to be precise, the medical exams. The logistics people of the cream cast had planned that Jorge Fossati would arrive this weekend and this was confirmed by Manuel Barreto.

It is known that two people from the technical command arrive on the 16th, another on the 18th. The arrival of Fossati, confirmed until today, will serve to say goodbye to the squad, the Ferrari administration and have new meetings with the FPF Board of Directors and very possibly, with Juan Carlos Oblitas.

What comes next is saving the Titanic. And face, whether he likes it or not, two complex situations: half of the country resentful of his abrupt departure from the club, days before the start of the Centennial campaign; the other half with blood in their eyes after the finals at the Monumental and Matute, for many, the final of all time in Peruvian football.

Source: Elcomercio

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