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Fossati is already the coach: why the new Bicolor coach is confident in qualifying for the World Cup

Fossati is already the coach: why the new Bicolor coach is confident in qualifying for the World Cup

Fossati is already the coach: why the new Bicolor coach is confident in qualifying for the World Cup

“The beginning,” the FPF titled its announcement of the arrival of the new coach and reported on its website that he will take office in January. In fact, the date of his presentation will be Wednesday the 10th at Videna. At this time, the Uruguayan is in his country celebrating the end of the year holidays.

“It is an honor to lead a country’s team. There cannot be a more important club than the national team here. We Uruguayans are born with that mentality, that the national team is the greatest thing that exists,” he declared last Tuesday, due to the criticism of the cream fan for leaving the club in the year of his centenary.


The challenge for Fossati is very big, since he finds the Bicolor at the bottom of the Qualifiers with only two points out of a possible 18 and only one goal scored. But a third of the competition has still been played and the strategist hopes to make a comeback thanks to the new qualification format.

“It is true that Peru is last in the Qualifiers but, if it were not for six and a half places in the World Cup, it would be almost impossible, practically a utopia; However, I think it is possible, there is a chance,” he said in statements to the Uruguayan program “The Voices of Football.”

Precisely, for the 2026 World Cup there are six countries that qualify directly, while the seventh will go on to compete in the playoffs, which will be different, since it will be a kind of quadrangular with the qualifiers from other confederations.

Date 7
September 2024
Uruguay v Paraguay | Montevideo
Peru v Colombia | Lime
Brazil v Ecuador | TBD
Bolivia v Venezuela | Peace
Argentina v Chile | TBD
Date 8
September 2024
Colombia v Argentina | Baranquilla
Venezuela v Uruguay | TBD
Paraguay v Brazil | Assumption
Chile v Bolivia | Santiago
Ecuador v Peru | Quito
Date 9
October 2024
Peru v Uruguay | Lime
Venezuela v Argentina | TBD
Bolivia v Colombia | Peace
Chile v Brazil | Santiago
Ecuador v Paraguay | Quito
Date 10
October 2024
Uruguay v Ecuador | Montevideo
Colombia v Chile | Baranquilla
Brazil v Peru | TBD
Paraguay v Venezuela | Assumption
Argentina v Bolivia | TBD
Date 11
November 2024
Uruguay v Colombia | Montevideo
Peru v Chile | Lime
Venezuela v Brazil | TBD
Paraguay v Argentina | Assumption
Ecuador v Bolivia | Quito
Date 12
November 2024
Colombia v Ecuador | Baranquilla
Brazil v Uruguay | TBD
Bolivia v Paraguay | Peace
Argentina v Peru | TBD
Chile v Venezuela | Santiago

And why Fossati trusts in overcoming the bad situation. He knows the Peruvian environment and knows that there is material that can be worked with. It is worth remembering that he was the one who promoted Piero Quispe, when Compagnucci had him as a substitute in the ‘U’. Furthermore, the Uruguayan has the profile that fits the Peruvian footballer, a respected man -like Ricardo Gareca-, who knows how to reach the player.

And if we go to the number side, it is true that Peru barely has two points in the table, but the sixth – direct classification position – is five points away from Brazil with seven, while the seventh place – for the playoffs – is occupied by Paraguay with five units. And if we look at the fixture, at the restart of the Qualifiers it is time to receive Colombia and visit Ecuador. We have to become strong at home and steal points again at altitude.

What is missing is the sporting side, and that happens because the selected players raise the level. In the first dates, Gianluca Lapadula could not be counted on due to injury, while Christian Cueva completely separated from the universe. There are footballers who must take a step forward, such as Carlos Zambrano, Sergio Peña and others, maintain and improve their level such as Pedro Gallese and Renato Tapia.

They will be joined by more mature young people such as Piero Quispe, recently introduced to the Pumas of Mexico, Bryan Reyna, Joao Grimaldo and Jairo Concha is expected to emigrate to a high-level club to be considered. The exAlianza has not debuted in the Qualifiers.

And Fossati will have time to work. He takes office in January and in March he will have a FIFA date to test his team – Peru should play two friendlies in Europe. Then in June he has two more friendlies and especially the Copa América, a great challenge where he will debut against Chile, to then face Canada or Trinidad and Tobago and close the group stage against the champion Argentina.

“He knows the environment, he learned to know the Peruvian in general and it serves to decompress a dense atmosphere that had burdened the environment,” says DSports journalist Daniel Kanashiro about Fossati’s arrival at Bicolor. And although he arrived at Universitario in March before the departure of Compagnucci, he knew how to work in the short and medium term to improve things in the cream team. At the end of the year he ended up being champion.

“There are options to qualify, because there are six and a half places, and I think that between Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru, seventh place could come out,” analyst Diego Rebagliati tells us about what can happen in the Qualifiers.

The team already has a head in charge and now the players are expected to assume their role and lead the way to the World Cup.

Source: Elcomercio

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