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Barcelona manager: “I’m deluded like the president, I thought Messi could play for free”

The controversy regarding the Lionel Messi issue continues. Eduard Romeu, economic vice-president of FC Barcelona granted an interview for ‘TV3 ′ in which he referred to the comment that Joan Laporta made about the possible continuity of the Argentine star. In addition to this, he commented on the economic state of the Barça club.

“I am just as deluded as the president, yes. It is very legitimate what Messi has done, it is not any criticism. But, seeing all the inconveniences that they put us and with the effort that the club made, I thought I could play for free. Why shouldn’t LaLiga accept it? It is very legitimate that a player could do this act of affection to a club, to some colors “Romeu argued.

The president of FC Barcelona referred days ago about the possibility that the captain of the Argentina team had agreed to play for free at the club: “I would have liked that and it would have convinced me. I understand that the League would have accepted it. But we cannot ask a player of Messi’s level to do this”.

On the other hand, the Blaugrana team is already thinking of generating new resources after lightening the salary mass and they will seek it by sponsoring their shirts. Eduard Romeu informed that they will ask for 55 million euros per season, as they handled it with Rakuten.

“Whoever wants to put their name on the Barça shirt will have to pay. We look at the value before the pandemic and we have to overcome it”said the economic vice president.

Transfer market

Romeu said that, despite the economic conflicts, there is money to sign: “We still have ‘fair play’ margin to sign up players. We have about 20 million euros. It is a figure that is beginning to be important and that we could consume to bring in the most suitable player or players for the positions that the technical team decides ”.