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Gianni Infantino compared the Super Bowl to the World Cup

Closer and closer to the World Cup stopping every four years. Gianni Infantino continues to advocate that the World Cup be held every two years. This was announced during an institutional visit to Israel, where the idea of ​​a FIFA World Cup co-organized by the Israelis with neighboring countries led by the United Arab Emirates was also raised.

“The Super Bowl is organized every year, why not have a World Cup every two years?”, were the words with which Infantino began, to later indicate that reducing the time would not affect the competition: “Many critics say it would be detrimental, but FIFA studies assure that it would not diminish the magic of the tournament because its frequency would not affect its quality and reputation.”

“The reputation of an event depends on its quality, not its frequency. Every year you have a Super Bowl, Wimbledon or the Champions League and everyone is excited and waiting, ”said Gianni Infantino.

The FIFA president referred to the increase in countries in the soccer world championships and said that they are conducting a feasibility study of the project: “We have already decided that there will be a World Cup with 48 teams starting in 2026. If it will take place for two or four years, it is still in the consultation phase. Precisely because it is a magical tournament, it would have to be held more frequently ”.

FIFA plans in Israel a 2030 World Cup co-organized with countries of the region

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a brief statement that the president of the governing body of world football, Gianni Infantino, “launched the idea that Israel could organize the 2030 World Cup with other countries in the region led by the United Arab Emirates”During a conversation between the two.

I believe that co-organization is the future and therefore why not dream and think about it, whether in the senior category, youth, for men or women, because the FIFA World Cup has this unique magic of grouping and uniting peopleInfantino responded when asked if Israel could one day co-organize the event with countries in the region.


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