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Pedro Gallese or Emiliano Martínez: FIFA opens a survey prior to the match Peru vs. Argentina

The Qatar 2022 Qualifiers in South America are entering a decisive stage and the triple date of October will be vital for the countries in competition. From FIFA they are aware of the entire development of the qualification process and decided to open a survey on Peru vs. Argentina, involving the goalkeepers.

Who would you choose to block a goal?”, Indicated the highest governing body of soccer through its social networks, using the photos of the Argentine Emiliano Martínez and the Peruvian Pedro Gallese, who will be rivals at the closing of the triple date of October.

The voting did not take long to start, decreeing a comfortable advantage for ‘Draw’, who received an 85% favoritism. The level shown by the Aston Villa goalkeeper has also been supported by the performances of the Argentina team throughout the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

For his part, although Pedro Gallese is a key player for the Peruvian team, his brilliant interventions were not reflected in several of the results obtained. Apart from this, this Thursday, October 14 (6:30 pm) a new chapter will be written between the two combined, with different scenarios for each goalkeeper, but with the intention of adding to the standings.

How are Emi Martínez and Pedro Gallese doing in the Playoffs?

In the 11 dates played so far in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, goalkeeper Pedro Gallese has an advantage in terms of the number of player matches. Until now, the ‘Pulpo’ participated in all the duels of the Peruvian team, received a total of 18 goals and could only remain undefeated on two occasions.

For his part, Emiliano Martínez has been more decisive in the Argentine national team, although with fewer games: he played six games, received two annotations and was unbeaten four times. However, it is worth mentioning that he only spent 40 minutes against Colombia due to an injury and in that time he did not see his goal fall.


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