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“TV shows fields in poor condition, very old stadiums, but the ambition of the Uruguayan soccer player is unique” |  INTERVIEW

“TV shows fields in poor condition, very old stadiums, but the ambition of the Uruguayan soccer player is unique” | INTERVIEW

“TV shows fields in poor condition, very old stadiums, but the ambition of the Uruguayan soccer player is unique” |  INTERVIEW

After almost 10 months, Alfonso Barco returns to Lima from Montevideo (Uruguay). He is champion of the AUF Cup, his first title as a professional. This is a lightning trip, but necessary. The reason? Process the North American visa with the aim of perhaps being part of the Peruvian team for the Copa América. The appointment is this Thursday, May 30 and from there he has to pack his bags to return to Uruguayan lands, since on Sunday, June 2 he has his last match for the Apertura Tournament against Miramar Misiones, and it will be a duel with the obligation to obtain the three points to place themselves in third place and thus not lose sight of the title at the end of the season.

-How do you evaluate your experience as a Defender at Sporting? Was it how you thought?

Yes, definitely. I’m not going to lie to you. It is not easy to be in a country alone, playing football. It is a competitive league because high-level players come out, but in an analysis, I am very happy with what I am experiencing.

-You were champion in the Uruguayan Association Cup, what changed in your game about the midfielder that the U signed last year and decided to leave?

First, I took pressure off myself. Yes of course. I’ll tell you something: since I arrived, they have sold about 4 or 5 players and if you look at the teams that have gone, they are high-level and recognized clubs. That improves the mentality of my teammates, because it can touch you. That is very ambitious and means that there is competitiveness within the team and that the Defensor tradition, which is to sell players, continues to be respected. So, it helps me a lot because I feel like I’m improving as a player every day.

-Were you attracted by the fact that Defensor Sporting is a club, above all, a seller?

Yes, of course, definitely. I’m still young, but when I went a little less than a year ago, I was motivated and excited to improve and one day be able to be sold.

-How was that adaptation to Uruguayan football?

Yes, totally, as I tell you, it is not easy. It’s the truth, in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, all the players are very competitive and when they are young it is even worse, because they are much more ambitious. It is a unique ambition. They want everything for each one and then, that makes each one better. I have teammates who have left in the European Leagues, Argentina and others who will leave in this market. Obviously, it’s a dream for me to continue growing. I am doing it every day at Defensor Sporting, for now, we are doing very well in the championship, but that is the objective to improve every day.

-Do you think a personal revenge is present in Defensor Sporting? Was it fair that you received those threats at the U?

I’m not going to tell you if it’s fair or not, because in football, if you do an analysis, it will always be unfair. But today, a lot of time has passed and even though the story was short, many things happened to me. I can tell you that at the age of 22, what I experienced here in Peru helped me a lot, it forged a mentality in me that has helped me overcome things that today as a footballer I am grateful for. They have helped me forge a mentality and ambition that will help me in the future.

Alfonso Barco explains what happened at the U |  Photo: AFP

-That is, did it help you improve your emotional intelligence to face life?

Yes, definitely. I’m not going to lie to you that it was difficult, I admit that I didn’t play at the U with my potential, that is, I didn’t show what I could give. I feel that my story with the U will have another chapter, I don’t know when, definitely, I would like to return, because it is no lie that I am dying for Universitario de Deportes and that I have been a fan since I was born. As I tell you, for now, I am thinking about my future abroad, but yes, maybe I will have some revenge, in the future, I could consider it and get rid of that thorn with the club of which I am a big fan.

-When all this stuff with the threats happened, did Professor Fossati advise you that perhaps it was best to go to Defensor Sporting?

No, no, let’s see, I’m not very good at reading and paying attention to social networks. But sometimes, I see things that are said and that the teacher helped me to go to Uruguay. He definitely helped me mentally and psychologically within the U, but Jorge Fossati had nothing to do with my going to Uruguay. I get this opportunity thanks to the people who work with me. When Jorge finds out about the possibility, he tells me to go, and that he would definitely grow, since he knows Uruguayan soccer, he knows about the ambition of the players. He knew that he could adapt me because of the characteristics of the player that I am.

-Why didn’t things work out for you at the U?

Sometimes, and it is not wrong to admit or say, that players react in different ways in different situations. Nowadays, there are players in all the leagues in the world and people wonder why they don’t perform like they did here. Well, perhaps, I could tell you, that today I would be much more mentally prepared for a situation like the one I experienced at the U. I came from San Martín, in the pandemic, from practically not playing with people, to a scenario where a lot People expected a lot from me, because of my family, and everything that happened. I have no idea, but definitely, now that a lot of time has passed, I am left with that feeling of not having shown the ability I have to face a situation I experienced.

-Did you receive psychological help?

I received psychological help from the club’s psychologist, who is now in the national team, Erick Bravo. The truth is, a crack in every sense, as a person and psychologist, he is a very capable man. He helped me a lot, to see everything that happened to me from a different perspective, but there is not much mystery. When you surround yourself with good people, your family, you do things well, you eat well, things turn around and everything is put in its place.

-Do I notice you more mature?

There were two ways to analyze what happened to me at the U. One that was like at some point I would have transmitted it, but the thing is not to stay, but to continue, because a person can fall as many times as he can, but the important thing is how you get up. Then it was giving up or the second is to analyze why things happen to you and what you can learn from all this and face. Today being away in a very competitive team. It means that perhaps he has faced the situation better and matured as a person. I thank life for everything I went through and everything I learned.

-In Defensor Sporting you are playing as a 6 and a center back, where do you feel most comfortable?

They have used me in everything. The truth, as I tell you, is another situation. If I put my mind to it, I get the most out of it. Now I tell you that I can play as a center back, as a center half, a little further forward. They have used me in everything and that helps me too. I like to play a little more in the middle, I like to reach the area a little more, but being inside the 11 is the most important thing.

-How is your relationship with Fossati? Have you communicated with him?

Well, when he was still coach of Universitario, he did have communication. Logically, after he joined the national team, there was less contact, but after the feat he achieved with the U in Matute, I called him, he knows what he means to me. I am sure of everything that he values ​​me and nothing, there is a very beautiful relationship that taught me a lot.

-What did Fossati teach you?

I am mentioning the word ambition to you many times. Imagine a coach who has led the Uruguayan national team and who became champion with Peñarol, having one like that in the club, imagine the mentality he has. So, for me it is gratifying to come across those types of people who teach you to face every problem with courage.

-Both in the FPF and in Defensor Sporting, they have told us that you are on the reserve list for the Copa América, is that the reason why you are in Lima?

Yes, it would be in vain to lie to you, we are going to do a procedure, but today, I am more of a fan. I’m looking at the team like another fan. Every player one day wants to make it to the Peruvian team. I’m excited, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s simply a procedure like several players did a couple of weeks ago.

-Is that procedure the visa to be part of the Copa América?

Yes, it is a visa, but only that.

-With that document is it possible to see you with the selection?

Let’s see, there is hope every day. I get up every day to train, knowing that I want to improve to one day be in the national team. That is my mentality and ambition every day. I’m not going to lie to you, that now it motivates me even more, just by having hope and that Jorge Fossati continues to value me.

-Will we see you in these weeks going to Videna to greet Fossati?

No, as I tell you, for now, I am just another fan, I wish the best to the national team and the technical team. So for now just that.

-Of the 3-5-2 that Professor Jorge Fossati uses, where do you feel most comfortable, as a center back or midfielder?

I tell you that I feel more comfortable wearing the Peru shirt anywhere.

-What do you think of the comparison with Chemo, your idol, emblem of the national team and idol of the U?

It doesn’t bother me. If they compare me it is because they see something in me. I would like to have some Chemo. He is admirable for everything he has done and continues to do. For me it is a motivation to be able to try to do what he did. This is how I see the situation.

-Do you have a contract until when with Defensor Sporting? What’s next for your career?

Well, I’m going to be honest with you, I still have a contract with Defensor and the only thing I think about is Sunday’s game. It will be seen in due course what my future is. But today, I have a contract at Defensor Sporting. This Thursday I return to Uruguay and from there I will concentrate for Sunday’s game.

-Finally, what has surprised you about your experience in Uruguayan football?

I know that it is difficult to watch a Uruguayan soccer game, but if you see notes or interviews of the stars who have played in that league, they will tell you the same thing. It is a very complicated football to watch, because television shows you fields in poor condition, very old stadiums, sometimes the ball flies for 90 minutes. But it is a really very difficult football, it has tricks, it has players in different places and it is a very complicated football to play and watch. This means that even though the infrastructure is very lacking, it makes the players even more ambitious.

Source: Elcomercio

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