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Diego Haro and the VAR: this is how the controversial Colombia-Ecuador ended with Peruvian arbitration

In Peru, arbitration, for years, has been going through a critical situation due to the poor level shown. Those who are saved are very few and cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand. One of the most controversial referees is Diego Haro who took all the lights in the match between Colombia vs. Ecuador for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

The match ended goalless. Actually, the encounter between Colombia vs. Ecuador he didn’t have many emotions; however, some decisions of Diego Haro the mood of the party changed.

At 76 minutes into the complementary part, Gustavo Cuéllar knocks down a rival and fouls in favor of Ecuador. Diego Haro in the first instance penalizes penal in favor of the Ecuadorian team. After going to VAR, he changed his decision correctly because there was a previous offside on the play.

Then after almost 100 minutes of play, Yerry Mina He took advantage of a loose ball in the Ecuadorian area and with a shot he made the Metropolitan of Barranquilla explode with happiness. Diego Haro he charges the goal, but from the VAR they tell him that there is a play to review. So, the Peruvian with authority is going to see that action and took the Colombian defender’s hand.

The Colombian players went on top of Diego Haro. However, he was not mistaken. This time he charged just enough. The controversy was generated by the players of the coffee team who could not understand the referee’s decision.


In League 1, Diego Haro He is not the most prominent referee. He usually has incredible mistakes. Journalists and players already know what happens when the Peruvian referee is in charge of a match. This is not exclusive in the Peruvian tournament, the same is also true internationally.

“It’s a disaster, prepare for what happens with Haro. He counts how many times he hits the ball to Haro. He is a specialist in getting where the ball is. He hits him three or four times a game. The last time I saw him, he hit him three times ”, was a strong comment by journalist Óscar Luis Blanco about the Peruvian referee in the previous Argentina vs. Bolivia for the Qualifying Qatar 2022.

In this edition of the Liberators cup, Diego Haro went through a very tense moment at the beginning of the duel between Atlético Nacional and Nacional de Uruguay that was played in Colombia. The game was delayed by one hour due to the protests that took place near the venue and because of how convulsed the country was.

The message of Diego Haro At the start of the game, he lit the players’ spirits. “Let’s put aside what happened”said the Peruvian referee. Something that was impossible for the players because of all that Colombia was going through while they were forced to play.

Then, Gonzalo Bergessio interrupted the Peruvian judge and raised his voice. “Yes, but we need more empathy from them,” said the Uruguayan Nacional captain, who was quickly silenced by Diego Haro. However, the attacker continued speaking to continue with the claim.

Boca Juniors they received Jorge Wilstermann in the Copa Libertadores 2019. The Argentine team needed to win. Until minute 29, everything was going normally, but Diego Haro entered the scene, charging a dubious penalty that hurt the Bolivians. After that goal, he sanctioned another penalty at 60.

“Here I can’t understand what the referee charges. I don’t know if it’s a hand or a push. I can’t understand that play, “said Juanjo Buscalia on the Central Fox newscast.

Diego Haro had the opportunity to be in the final of the Liberators cup in 2019 being part of the group in charge of the VAR. However, some of his statements prevented him from being in that momentous match played at the Monumental Stadium in Lima.

Days before the game between River Plate and Flamengo, Diego Haro He had given an interview in which he spoke about the River Plate players and this did not go down well with Conmebol, which did not take long to take action on the matter.

“I have studied the River players, all the referees study the teams, if there are simulations we will report them from the VAR”, said the Peruvian judge.

Following these statements, the Referees Commission decided to replace Diego Haro. The reason for this change is the breach of the internal arbitration policy in relation to interviews without prior authorization.

The appointment of Diego Haro for Colombia vs.  Ecuador for the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 was harshly questioned for its record.  (Photo: Agencies)



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