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Kylian Mbappé is going for Euro 2024: the generational heir who will not give up until he wins everything

Kylian Mbappé is going for Euro 2024: the generational heir who will not give up until he wins everything

Kylian Mbappé is going for Euro 2024: the generational heir who will not give up until he wins everything

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand Kylian Mbappé. It is like this for fans on this side of the planet because the photo of Pelé lifted by Jairzinho in Mexico 1970, or that of Diego Armando Maradona in which he surpasses the Englishman Shilton in the skies – with his hand – are common covers of the football history of our region. Both portraits could not have been immortalized in any competition other than a World Cup.

It is no surprise, then, that when the 25-year-old Frenchman assures that the Euro Cup It is a more complicated contest than a World Cup tournament, there are those who do not spare the criticism. In addition, speculations are made that slip between annoyance and reprimand, the same ones that increase when it is recalled that shortly before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the ‘Ninja Turtle’ maintained that “in South America football is not as advanced as in Europe”.

Justified or not, the pomp generated every time the striker faces the microphones has an unnoticed side. Beyond the fact that it is normal not to stay up until dawn to watch the Copa Libertadores, this overestimation, the possibility that we are all wrong, finds reason in the fact that the South American fan often forgets that the world champion medal has been shining for a long time. almost six years in the Frenchman’s showcase; The runner-up, with three goals in the final, does not make him proud; and because—there is no doubt— Kylian Mbappé He is determined to win everything.

The latter is not a whimsical interpretation, much less the desire of a social media enthusiast. Just a few weeks ago, Real Madrid’s brand new signing pointed out with a view to Euro 2024 and to his new club that, although it recognizes his victories, they still do not await a lasting legacy in football. “I have achieved many things, but I am still young and I want to do more because I want, as I already said, for my name to remain in the history of football. So there is a lot to do and it is not enough now,” he confessed to CNN’s Amanda Davies about his future.

Son of the Cameroonian of Nigerian origin Wilfried Mbappé Lottin, who came to Europe as a refugee, and the Algerian Fayza Lamari, Kylian He grew up in the slum neighborhood of Bondy, 25 kilometers northeast of Paris. Although it is a conflictive and poor area, the place is more visible today due to the famous halo that surrounds those places where rock stars, cinema or, as in this case, football come from. L’Équipe says that the then boy told his family, schoolmates and teachers that he would become the best player in existence; times when he also had a Facebook account with the name of Kylian Robinho Gauchoin which he questioned Lionel Messi, who would later be his teammate at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and idolized Cristiano Ronaldo.

Son of a generation plagued by social networks, Kilyan paid tribute to the Brazilians Robinho and Ronaldinho in the name of his Facebook profile.  (Capture: Broadcast)

‘Kiki’s’ family has always been closely linked to sports. His father was a football coach at AS Bondy, a club in which his mother was a handball player. As expected, the young Kylian He was trained in that team until at the age of fourteen (2013) he made the jump to the minors of AS Monaco. After his debut at the end of 2015, everything went up for him, since in the first team he was Ligue 1 champion the following season (2016-2017), attracting the attention of European giants for his power, speed, dribbling and ease for the goal.

Represented by his mother, a lawyer and businesswoman, from that attempt to obtain the services of Kylian PSG emerged victorious, with a total of 180 million euros on the table that was able to beat Real Madrid in the bidding. Much has been said about that ostentatious transfer, although it was the player himself who indicated that he did not want to be too far from his family and that it was his duty to contribute to the growth of Ligue 1.

It was not difficult for the 'Ninja Turtle' to win the starting job at AS Monaco.  Upon seeing him play, the club leaders recognized that his aptitude was

It was in 2018 that the football milestone occurred that gave the left winger a place where some idols of the era suffered a via crucis: being world champion. In Russia, it was a goal by Mbappé that ruined the Peruvian team’s hopes of reaching the round of 16 of the tournament. Precisely in that instance, the attacker scored a double in the victory of ‘Les Bleus’ over Argentina (4-3). And if that were not enough, he had the luxury of scoring in the final against Croatia (4-1).

The fact that he achieved that glory at just 19 years old only enhanced the Parisian’s countenance. Almost immediately he was placed in the select group of young players called to take the mantle of a Cristiano Ronaldo to whom the most important award in football had always eluded him, and to which Lionel Messi was able to access – ironically – by defeating him (Qatar 2022), which marked a hat-trick in which experts agree that it was the most exciting final of all time (3-3). The definitive generational heir.

The sum of these incidents, none of them a product of chance, is perhaps the secret of why with his 1.78 meters of height, Kylian Mbappé He seems bigger and faster than any defender or midfielder on the pitch. What followed developed his leadership skills, brought him goals and titles everywhere in Ligue 1 and the French Cup, although the Champions League and the Euro Cup They are still seen as pending objectives.

Kylian Mbappé arrived in this transfer market to the club he always wanted to play for.  (Photo: Agencies)

Without the burden of having to prove anything to anyone and in the absence of images of his magnitude in the French team, the growth of ‘Donatello’ not only happens due to his obsession with leaving every rival that crosses him on the grass or the Score as many as possible. “When you talk about a player it is not only about his goals, only about his trophies. It is also what you generate in people, the emotions and the way in which you can be a complete player, the way in which you help your teammates to be better. If I scored 42 goals and next year I score 43, am I better? No, it’s more than that, and that’s why I want to better understand the game, the world of football and have experience,” he told CNN last May, despite the fact that there have been many who have blamed him for being egotistical and selfish.

Another song denotes being his link to what is happening, something that distinguishes him compared to a large number of athletes and entertainment icons. Just as there shouldn’t be even the slightest argument that football is inherently political, there shouldn’t be even the slightest argument about recognizing that talking about society and what ails it requires knowledge and courage. And here Mbappé wins, because it is never easier to notice those who really shine than when those many who have social influence hide. A few hours after his national team’s debut in the Euro 2024the forward showed his ability to read the situation by taking shots at Marine Le Pen’s far-right party (National Rally) by calling on young French people to vote in the next legislative elections.

In full harmony with his teammate Marcus Thuram (son of world champion Lilian Thuram), who had announced that “we have to fight to prevent the RN (Rassemblement National) from passing”, Kylian He appealed to conscience for a political situation that he described as “unprecedented.” “The Eurocup is important in our career, but we are citizens and we are not disconnected from what is happening in our own country.” […] I am against extremes, they divide. There are young people who abstain, but their voice does change things. I want to be proud to defend a country that represents my values. This is more important than tomorrow’s game because the situation in the country is different. I believe in the values ​​of diversity, tolerance and respect […] I hope we choose well and I hope we are still proud to wear this shirt on July 7 (ballot day),” Mbappé said to the press, which caused a new media stir. Nothing that his followers and his critics are not used to.

With gestures apparently closer to maturity than to mischief, except for his assessments of South American football, the questions about the political ‘Kiki’ or his role in Real Madrid can wait. For now, face the Euro 2024 with his face focused on his team’s years of drought in said tournament, which they have not won since the 2000 edition in Belgium and the Netherlands. Mike Maignan, Eduardo Camavinga and Antoine Griezmann are the key names so that, under the direction of Didier Deschamps and the striker’s guide, France is once again heading towards a continental trophy.

Who knows. In sporting terms we may never fully understand it, but perhaps for Kylian Mbappé The cover of the historical book of European football does not necessarily have to carry a photo of you carrying the World Cup. Because beyond the antipathy or the deep admiration that his figure establishes in these parts of the globe, if there is something we can agree on, it is that the best of him is yet to be seen.

Source: Elcomercio

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