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European Fencing Championships: what time and on what channel to watch the dress rehearsal of the Olympics

European Fencing Championships: what time and on what channel to watch the dress rehearsal of the Olympics

European Fencing Championships: what time and on what channel to watch the dress rehearsal of the Olympics

This is a meeting of paradoxical importance, which should at the same time allow us to prepare for the Olympic Games in Paris, but whose results will be negated by medals or poor performance this summer at the Olympic Games. The European Fencing Championships will gather the sport’s continental elite this week (June 18 to 23) at the St. Jakob Hall in Basel for a dress rehearsal before the meeting in the capital at the Grand Palais.

The Blues, who will be aiming to win at least eight medals at home this summer, head to Switzerland with headliners destined to shine at the Games and, as a result, to mark the mood and medal list of this Euro: Romain Cannone, Yannick Borel. , Isaora Thibus, Marie-Florence Candassamy, Enzo Lefort, Sarah Balzer and Manon Apiti-Brunet are among the French selected. Names, but with very different forms and situations.

Foilist Isaora Tibus will be the most watched individual case. Disqualified in early February after a positive doping test, the 2022 world champion was acquitted in May by a disciplinary tribunal of the International Fencing Federation. This accepted the thesis of infection by the athlete’s wife, former fencer Race Imboden, and allowed him to return to competition. The Frenchwoman comes to Basel to find rhythm and some confidence for her first performance since the end of January.

Tensions in the men’s epee competition in the background

Another situation under scrutiny concerns male fencers. In a season already marked by tensions between some shooters and staff, the guns added new psychodrama with the withdrawal of Alexander Bardene, a two-time world team champion, from the Olympics. The choice is being contested by reigning Olympic champions Romain Cannone and Yannick Borel, who left Insep this season to train mainly at clubs.

But other leaders of the “Blues” act in a much calmer situation. Such is the case with Enzo Lefort in men’s foils or even sabers, with Sarah Balzer at the helm. The world number one has never made it to the podium this season and has even won three World Cups. In Basel, she will try to win her first major individual event after being dominated in the final by her compatriot Manon Apiti-Brunet.


Tuesday, May 18: women’s sword and men’s rapier

Wednesday, May 19: women’s rapier and men’s saber

Thursday, May 20: female sword and male sword

Friday, May 21: women’s team epee and men’s team foil

Saturday, May 22: men’s team epee and women’s team saber

Sunday, May 23: women’s team foil and men’s team saber

The European Fencing Championships will be broadcast on Eurosport 1 and on the Max platform via Eurosport. Individual competitions can be followed after the semi-finals at 18:30 on Tuesday and at 18:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. The Minor Finals and Team Finals will be broadcast from 4:30pm Friday 21st, 5:15pm Saturday 22nd, 5:30pm Sunday.

Source: Le Parisien

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