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Decisions at Videna: Is André Carrillo’s continuity in the Peruvian national team in danger?

Decisions at Videna: Is André Carrillo’s continuity in the Peruvian national team in danger?

Decisions at Videna: Is André Carrillo’s continuity in the Peruvian national team in danger?

But that wasn’t all. Days later, the “Culebra” appeared on Percy Olivares’ “Fuera del Sistema” and “Enfocados” by Jefferson Farfán and Roberto Guizasola, a program that seems to make the guests forget that there is a camera in front of them and confess without hesitation as if they were talking to a couple of friends in their living room, with all the risks that this can entail. In both interviews, Carrillo touched on four points related to the Peruvian team that, due to the reflections and tone, any skeptic could have taken as indifference towards the team of all.

The first of them was Renato Tapia’s, as the ‘Culebra’ asserted that in his place he would have done the same and would have weighed his economic security above participating in the Copa América, an issue that remains sensitive in Videna and, above all, for Jorge Fossati. The second was in reference to Christian Cueva and the time that, in 2018, he advised him to sign for a club in Saudi Arabia even though Ricardo Gareca warned him that, if he did, he would not call him up again. However, at that time, ‘Aladino’ decided to listen to the ‘Tigre’ and not to the ‘Culebra’.

The third topic was his controversial recreation of the telephone conversation he had with Ricardo Gareca and his previous refusal to let him sign for an Arab club and his blunt response: “Call someone else, there are clubs like Sport Huancayo or Ayacucho to bring out a winger,” he said with a laugh. Finally, he referred to his style of play and that he doesn’t pay attention to criticism, as he has never been and will never be one of those players who throw themselves at each other or tear their shirts, as some fans expect and interpret as commitment.

Videna is convinced that, more than the facts, what is important is the manner and it is these that were not liked regarding Carrillo’s statements and the way in which he aggravated the partying just hours before the elimination from the Copa America. Unlike what they expected regarding being discreet or referring to the commitment to play for the national team in a more careful way, his expressions did not go down well and this has made Jorge Fossati feel annoyed, much more so than he felt when he found out about the party.

Therefore, although venturing to confirm that Fossati will remove Carrillo from the next call-ups is playing futurology, It is known that the Uruguayan strategist does not agree with actions that call into question the commitment so publicly.As we remember, the coach tends to solve problems behind closed doors and, having an old Uruguayan school, he is convinced that the excitement of wearing the colours of the national team must be essential.

It is hoped, then, that tensions can be released in a necessary and serious conversation with the ‘Culebra’ in which he will notice in him that impetus that, today, he seems to have lost on and off the field.. This should also be complemented by an increase in the player’s footballing level. and, in fact, it is expected that this will be the case because he will start this next season back in the first division of Saudi Arabia, a more competitive step than the previous one. At the moment, Videna considers that the player is the one at fault and the cards are on his table.

Source: Elcomercio

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