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Luka Modric against a World Cup every two years: “It doesn’t make sense”

For some time, FIFA has been planning to organize a World Cup every two years. The idea in the highest soccer entity is firm and opens the controversy between footballers, technicians and personality of the king of sports.

Although some World Cup winners like Ronaldo are on the side of those who approve of what FIFA has proposed, there are also others who do not want that to happen, one of them the Croatian Luka Modric.

“I do not see the point of a World Cup every two years because it is every four years, and because everyone expects it so much, that is why it is special”, explained the current world runner-up and winner of several Champions League with Real Madrid.

“I would not like to see a World Cup every two years. But we are not asked much, they are trying to do things without asking the players or the coaches what they think of this. Let’s see what happens with this, but I don’t see it ”, added the talented midfielder on the eve of meeting Shakhtar Donetsk on the third round of the Champions League.

Luka’s statements are shortly after the videoconference that FIFA will hold with several selected to take their views on the possibility of organizing a World Cup every two years.

Conmebol and UEFA, the two most important organizations that FIFA has, have already been against it. In the clubs, the opinion is the same because the schedules that are already tight would be altered.


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