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Why has FIFA decided not to intervene in the leadership of Peruvian football?  |  REPORT

Why has FIFA decided not to intervene in the leadership of Peruvian football? | REPORT

Why has FIFA decided not to intervene in the leadership of Peruvian football?  |  REPORT

After the annulment dictated by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Peruvian Football Federation has called a new Bases Assembly for this weekend. The main point on the agenda is the approval of the new Statutes, an open request from FIFA, which for now has chosen not to intervene in local football leadership decisions. However, there are versions that define this convocation of the FPF as illegal.

Oscar Romero, President of the Professional Football Sports Association, he is one of the first voices to oppose the Assembly of the FPF. “The Supreme Court of the Judiciary has declared the inscription of the current Statute null and void. And also Sunarp has demanded that this sentence be noted, ”explains Romero. For all this, Romero has decided to file a criminal complaint against the directive of the FPF for the crime of “disobedience and resistance to authority.”

In September, the CAS annulled the 2019 Assembly, where the new Statutes (adjusted to FIFA regulations) were approved. After that, FIFA only had two paths: either it ceded the power to the president of the FPF, Agustín Lozano, to convene a new assembly, or it decided to appoint a Regularizing Committee, given the crisis of governance in football. From Zurich, for now, they have decided the first.

In the last week a situation became evident: internal problems among the FPF bases is not a priority for FIFA. Your president, Gianni Infantino, He was on a South American tour in the last two weeks and did not go through Peru (he has not done so since 2018). Infantino spent days in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile with the aim of spreading his plan to play Soccer World Cups every two years.

Why is the Assembly important?

. Yes OK Agustin Lozano is serving a long interim term (due to the preventive detention of Edwin Oviedo), there are several instances that deserve a boost: from the minor divisions to the senior sports area, where almost all contracts expire in March.

Likewise, this still uncertain situation alienates the sponsors and different strategic partners vital for the reactivation of this sport.

The Assembly and the approval of new Statutes play a key role for the sporting and economic future of local football.

The sports car is the election of the new president of the FPF (which would be next year), who will have the obligation to direct a youth soccer plan and, also, who will decide if the contract is renewed to Ricardo Gareca, or if another coach will be sought for the World Cup process by 2026. On the economic side, the new Statute gives the Federation powers to manage the commercial and television agreements of professional clubs. And there are teams like Cristal and Alianza that seek to negotiate their TV rights independently.

Agustín Lozano accompanied the Peruvian team to Bolivia and Argentina, for the last qualifying round.  (Photo: GEC).

The sports lawyer, Jose Luis Noriega, also interprets that the Assembly is illegal. “Sunarp has declared Agustín Lozano’s management illegal. An urgent Normalizing Commission must be appointed “he commented. This decision of the Normalizing or Regularizing Commission is a figure that was decided to install in countries such as Argentina and Uruguay, especially due to governance problems.

The stakes are high at this weekend’s Assembly. The sports area of ​​the FPF requires a stronger authority because there are urgent decisions to be made. Agustín Lozano intends to remain in office for four more years, although what has to be resolved, with the FIFA or without it, is whether the roadmap has legitimacy and, above all, legality.


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