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Peruvian Football Federation: Why is a group of clubs planning to challenge their Statutes? | REPORT

The struggles in Peruvian soccer are endless and continue to be taken to international courts. The Federation announced the approval of its new Statutes (in a virtual meeting), however, three professional clubs have announced that they will challenge this vote before the TAS. In other words, the history of 2019 is practically repeating itself.

Let’s put in context, this Assembly of Bases of the FPF it has sporting and economic relevance. Those are the two main points that motivate this conflict.

Opposing professional clubs today are Sporting Cristal, Melgar and Alianza Lima. ANDThese cadres have announced that they will go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport again. And that is the vicious circle from which the FPF cannot get out.

What is the argument of these teams? There are two formal complaints: the way this virtual meeting was developed and the fact that the previous Statutes of the FPF (on which this last Assembly was held) is not correctly registered in the Public Registries.

In 2019, the complaint before the CAS was because the minimum majority required by FIFA for voting in assemblies was not met. That requirement was met at this meeting with 90 percent of the votes (36 votes in favor, 1 abstention, 3 votes against by Cristal, Alianza and Melgar).

-The pending governance-

It is worrying that there is no consensus on the governance of Peruvian football. Agustin Lozano, president of the Peruvian Football Federation, summoned this new Assembly. The CAS canceled the 2019 meeting and, therefore, the FIFA commission had to be fulfilled.

The maximum body of world football, for now, has not decided to intervene with the Normalizing Commission and, therefore, Lozano maintained the power to bring together the leaders of Peruvian football (professional clubs and departmental leagues).

In an official statement, the FPF highlights that the new Statutes were approved by 90 percent of those gathered. The opposition clubs, also in a statement, claimed that they had not been able to speak.

One day before this Assembly, the president of the Professional Football Sports Association, Oscar Romero, criminally denounced Lozano for convening the Assembly, despite the judicial scratch to the old Statutes (those that have expired today with the approval of the amendment).

This was the complaint of the ADFP to the board of Agustín Lozano.

As in other long chapters before the CAS, we will have to wait a few months to know the outcome of this claim. The current president, Agustín Lozano, will run to continue in office until 2026.


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