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League 1 in its final stretch: How will qualifiers for international tournaments and relegation be defined?

A great season of the League 1 it is very close to consummation. In fact, there is only a day and a half left to put an end to the 2021 campaign, but there are still many things to be defined. The excitement is on the surface and will last until next weekend.

. In addition, both were consolidated in the first two positions of the accumulated table, so they will be the exclusive protagonists in the fight for the national title.

That’s the only sure thing so far. The other teams still have their respective fights in the tournament, either to get an international berth or to save themselves from relegation. Nothing is said.

– The ticket to Copa Libertadores –

There are five teams have a chance to qualify for the Liberators cup. However, those who are closest to achieving it are Universitario, César Vallejo and Melgar, who are located in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

After their triumph over Cusco FC (2-1), academic adds 43 points in the accumulated table, only five units ahead of César Vallejo and six over Melgar, who have a game pending on the penultimate date.


If materialized, the last quota of the Libertadores would be defined on the last date. Precisely, Melgar will have to face none other than Universitario on Sunday, October 31 and UCV will measure forces against Binacional on the same day.

Key matches:

  • Melgar vs. Municipal | Sunday October 24
  • Cesar Vallejo vs. University Alliance | Sunday October 24
  • Melgar vs. University | Sunday October 31
  • Binational vs. Cesar Vallejo | Sunday October 31
PositionTeamPointsGoal difference
Cesar Vallejo38+9

– And the Copa Sudamericana?

The fight to reach the qualifying positions for the Copa Sudamericana is also red hot. Universitario, UCV and Melgar have the international ticket insured. Although their main fight is the Libertadores, one or even two of them will have to settle for the South American Cup of not achieving your goal.

As for the other clubs in the hype, they have yet to hold their fight on the League 1 final date.

There is a team that remains alive: Carlos Mannucci. The Trujillo cast, which comes from drawing 3-3 with Sport Boys in a great game, is in ninth place in the accumulated with 33 points, so it can displace any of the three mentioned clubs.

Key matches:

  • Sport Boys Vs. Sporting Cristal | Sunday, October 31
  • Cienciano vs. Alliance Lima | Sunday October 31
  • Carlos Mannucci vs. Cantolao | Sunday October 31
  • Ayacucho FC vs. University Alliance | Sunday October 31
PositionTeamPointsGoal difference
Sport Boys36+2
Ayacucho FC340
C. Mannucci33-1

– The fearsome descent –

The word “relegation” scares any team. But it is an unavoidable situation. There are seven clubs that are in trouble and need to win or win this Sunday and next (on the last day) to save the category.

. While, with 24 units, Binacional occupies the penultimate position, which allows it to play a playoff against Carlos Stein from League 2.

Municipal (12th), Cantolao (13th), Alianza Atlético (14th) and San Martín (15th) still cannot be trusted. They are on the edge of the abyss and everything will be defined in the last date. Therefore, they need to win their duels and hope that the other three teams remain at the bottom of the table.

Key matches:

  • Municipal vs. Melgar | Sunday October 24
  • University Alliance vs. Cesar Vallejo | Sunday October 24
  • San Martín vs. UTC | Sunday October 31
  • Athletic Alliance vs. Municipal | Sunday October 31
  • University Alliance vs. Ayacucho FC | Sunday October 31
  • Cantolao vs. Carlos Mannucci | Sunday October 31
  • Binational vs. Cesar Vallejo | Sunday October 31
  • Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo | Sunday October 31
PositionTeamPointsGoal difference
14°Athletic Alliance25-13
15°San Martin25-17
-1718°(**)Athletic Alliance22



San Martin


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