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Sergio Agüero: What is the latest known and why is your health so concerned?

Problems never seem to end in Barcelona. To bad results (drew 1-1 with Alavés at the Camp Nou in the debut of Sergi Barjuan as interim coach), two physical problems were added: Gerard Piqué, with an elongation in the soleus of the right leg, and -the most worrying- Sergio Aguero, who was transferred to the Barcelona Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrhythmia.

The ‘Kun’, who was looking to find his best version in the Barza, asked for his change at 39 minutes of the first half. The striker fell flat on the grass, touching his chest, high up, at the level of the rib cage and neck. The club’s doctors entered immediately before the silence of the 37,278 spectators. The endless seconds full of anguish subsided when the Argentine walked out; however, the concern returned after he was rushed to hospital.

“Kun Agüero has referred an episode of chest discomfort and has been transferred to the hospital for a cardiology study”, the institution reported in principle. Nevertheless, .

For her part, the Argentine journalist who lives in Spain, Veronica Brunati, pointed out that Agüero is well, but will still remain in the Hospital for further studies to be carried out. “Let’s hope the studies go well”he tweeted. In addition, .

At the moment Barza has not given more details about the goalscorer’s state of health, but there is already concern, both in the club and in the Argentine team. Agüero won the America’s Cup 2021, but since then he has not been called up due to injuries.

Heart problems in football

The images of Sergio Aguero touching their chests they scared everyone. But, to the relief of the world of soccer, it did not happen to majors. However, the concern for the footballer’s near future is latent. This fact brought to mind some similar cases of players who were detected a heart complication but were able to overcome them.

Just months ago, during Euro 2021, Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest that kept the world in suspense for several minutes and even hours. In the middle of the meeting between Denmark and Finland, the midfielder fell unconscious to the grass, so he had to be revived and taken to a nearby clinic. The Dane was fitted with a defibrillator, which has prevented him from playing again for his club, Inter, due to a Serie A regulation, but he is now in a position to return to professional football.

In 2019, the Spanish goalkeeper, world champion in South Africa 2010, suffered a heart attack during training with Porto, his club at the time. While recovering, the archer worked as part of the technical command, however he would announce his official retirement a year later.

After the heart attack, I was sad for about a month, I was afraid to walk, sleep and do some physical effort. It was impossible. Not now, I feel good. But I also have a lot of medication that makes me feel good. I think only doctors can tell what I can or cannot do “He confessed in April of last year about the consequences he suffered.

Dani carvajal He was one of the fundamental pieces of Real Madrid in the achievement of the three consecutive Champions League. However, five seasons ago, the lateral one was found to have pericarditis, which is an inflammation of a membrane that surrounds the heart. The Spanish was almost two months out of the courts but returned without problems.

“I was scared and I thought that if it was serious I would have to withdraw. I got a little scared. You think that it can become chronic and you have to stop playing, as has happened in other cases. But the doctors told me not to worry, that it was something frequent and to be calm, “said the footballer in 2017, the year in which everything happened.

Peruvian soccer is not exempt in these cases. TO Roberto Guizazola He was diagnosed with heart disease when he was 20 years old and was recommended to retire from soccer activity. However, the side decided to continue his career and did not take major risks. I went back to play and my little heart worked like a clock, he recounted in an interview in 2020.


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