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The game without Blas, the substitutes’ bench and Kita’s legal woes

Make way for episode number 10 of season 3 of “Without control, the podcast 100 % FC Nantes “. This Tuesday, our four Canaries specialists return to the defeat conceded Sunday in Montpellier, without the playing master Ludovic Blas. Is FCN able to play without its number ten? Roli Pereira, who replaced him in Hérault, was he up to it? Charles Traoré, he suffered again, worse, he puts his partners in difficulty. Accused Traoré get up!

In the second theme of this episode, our four specialists focus on the Canary Bank. Is it deep enough? Why do substitutes never score? Why do young people shine the bench? And you what do you think ?

Finally, in the third theme of this podcast, focus is on the legal news of Waldemar Kita, suspected of tax fraud. A judicial investigation was opened and an investigating judge was appointed. What is he risking? What consequences could a possible conviction have on FC Nantes?

Every Tuesday from 5 p.m.

The concept of this 100% FC Nantes podcast? Four Nantes sports journalists (Hit West, West France, Ocean Press and 20 Minutes, without forgetting VIP guests) behind a microphone to discuss FC Nantes news. An audio program offered every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on the site of 20 Minutes and the various podcast hosting platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, etc.).


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