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League 1: Three complaints on the table that could change the destiny of Peruvian football

League 1: Three complaints on the table that could change the destiny of Peruvian football

League 1: Three complaints on the table that could change the destiny of Peruvian football

The regular season of the League 1 it was consummated last weekend. However, due to these peculiar and unprecedented things in Peruvian football, there are still some pending issues that must be resolved in the coming days and that may harm or benefit one or the other team.

Throughout the year, different federative resolutions have been carried out in the League 1, either with the reduction or replacement of points to various clubs. This has transcended in the accumulated table, especially in the lower zone.

In fact, there is a dispute between Scienceno and Cusco FC for several weeks. The ‘Dad’ has resorted to the TAS to return the points he lost at the table after the match between the two. A decision favorable to the imperial team can change many things between the clubs that are in the relegation zone.

Also, the recent problem that arose in Lima Alliance, after suffering the loss of 10 players infected by COVID-19, it has also raised many doubts for the final of League 1.

Among other things that can alter the fate of Peruvian football is also the possible challenge of the agreements established in the last assembly of the FPF, an objective they seek Sporting Cristal, Alianza Lima and Melgar.

1. Cienciano vs Cusco FC and the suspense due to relegation

. Despite having finished the season in 14th place in the accumulated, tension continues to accompany Marcelo Grioni’s team, as a TAS decision could send him to the second division.

At the end of August, for the ninth date of Phase 2, Cusco FC and Cienciano tied 2-2 in a big game. Both teams shared a point in principle, but then those led by Grioni managed to keep all the points of the match on the table.


Not happy with the decision, Cienciano filed an appeal, which was denied. However, the story did not end there. Despite the fact that his classification to South America is already assured, the ‘Dad’ wants to recover those points and has been going to the TAS for a week, as recently confirmed by Sergio Ludeña, the club’s administrator, in an interview with the program “Hora del Papá de America”.

. For its part, San Martín will have the possibility of playing a playoff game against Carlos Stein from League 2, while Binacional will be completely saved from relegation.

2. Alianza and its infected by COVID-19 before the final

There are only three weeks left to witness the finals between Lima Alliance and Sporting Crystal. However, everything was complicated for the intimate club, which last Monday reported a massive contagion on its campus.

Ten players from the Blue and White team recently tested positive for COVID-19: Ricardo Lagos, Erick Canales, Miguel Cornejo, Javier Navea, Arley Rodríguez, Axel Moyano, Carlos Montoya, José Gallardo, Sebastián Gonzales-Zela and Óscar Pinto.

Due to the previous circumstances, in which Jefferson Farfán and some of his teammates were criticized for breaking the club’s protocols at a party, doubts arose as to whether Sporting Cristal could make a claim on the matter.

Jhonny Baldovino, legal advisor of the Association of Footballers (Safap), explained this complicated situation in the face of the decisive matches on November 21 and 28. , he indicated.

“The match with Cristal is almost 20 days away and the Alianza players will not even have a chance of contact with the Cristal players. What’s more, these 10 who are infected in 10 days are already discharged and have a few days to train and prepare for the game “he added.

It should be noted that the possibility of postponing the finals is not being considered either. League 1 sources confirmed Trade that, for now, there is no intention to postpone the two games for the national title.

3. Sporting Cristal, Alianza Lima and Melgar will go to TAS

Again a Peruvian soccer case will be elevated to an international tribunal. More than a week ago, the Federation communicated the approval of its new Statutes, but it did not obtain the approval of all the clubs and again the case will be reviewed by the TAS, as in 2019.

Sporting Cristal, Alianza Lima and Melgar were the clubs that showed their opposition to the agreements that were made in the Assembly of Bases of the FPF, for which they quickly announced that they will initiate the “pertinent legal actions” and will reach the TAS instance to resolve the conflict.


Julio García, sports lawyer and spokesman for the three clubs in question, explains better the reasons for this complex circumstance: “Despite the fact that the arbitration award had declared null within the agreements of the Statutes, which prevented the presentation of candidates for the presidency, the Federation maintained it or included it in the text that it submitted for approval. They presented the same approved text, with which they told the CAS that it did not matter what it had decided at that point “.

“The second issue is that the exercise of the rights of the associates of Alianza Lima, Melgar and Sporting Cristal to demonstrate was prevented. First to publicize this fact and second, once the Statutes are approved, to be able to indicate that they were opposed, to express their agreement as the Peruvian law empowers them ”added the lawyer.

. The sports lawyer considers that, taking into account the arguments already explained, the most probable is that the appeal.

“These two facts, both the violation of rights as associated, and the violation of a decision of the CAS, give full meaning to the possibility of appealing the approval of the Statutes and give many possibilities of being successful in this appeal”, he pointed.

Most likely, the three clubs will send their appeal to the TAS in the next few days to request a precautionary measure and that the agreements of the last assembly of the FPF will be challenged. The ball will be on the table of the international court and it will be this who has the last word.


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