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Alianza Lima: What are the steps to follow so that the infected can go back to training?

The nightmare seems to be ending in La Victoria. Five days after reporting a coronavirus outbreak that has ten isolated soccer players, Lima Alliance He returned to training this Sunday in Matute from 10 in the morning. Yesterday discard tests were carried out on the rest of the campus and there were no positivesTherefore, the Medical Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation gave the green light to return to field work.

Two weeks after the first final of the League 1 2021 against Sporting Cristal at the National Stadium (Sunday, November 21), Carlos Bustos and his technical command will even fight against the clock to arrive in the best way. Meanwhile, the ten infected players will remain in quarantine.

Ricardo Lagos, Carlos Montoya, Arley Rodríguez, Erick Canales, Miguel Cornejo, Javier Navea, Axel Moyano, José Gallardo, Sebastián Gonzales-Zela and Óscar Pinto -of them, the first three have more minutes- are the players who tested positive. All of them could return between next Friday and Saturday.

According to Jhonny Baldovino, legal advisor to the Footballers Association (Safap), the steps that should be followed in the Victorian cast are the following: .

Meanwhile, the protocol prepared by the Peruvian Football Federation for the return of training reads the following:

1.2.2 If any player reports a history of having been diagnosed with COVID-19 (even being asymptomatic) or becomes infected after the training begins, the club doctor must obtain documentation that the player, as well as the people of his nearby environment, have received clinical and / or epidemiological discharge by the corresponding health authority. Said player will undergo a complete clinical examination (preparticipative evaluation type), focusing on the cardiovascular and respiratory evaluation (it must include Electrocardiogram, Echocardiogram, oxygen saturation, chest computed tomography and another that the evaluating doctor considers), and receive the “ epidemiological medical discharge ”for the return to high performance physical activity (document with signature, registration number and specialty register of the evaluating doctors).

Without any option that the definition of the national championship be postponed, alliance he will have to put himself in the best way and face a Cristal who has been working since Tuesday. How Much Will Workout Days Handicap Weigh? Two specialists answer us.

Alliance and the disadvantages facing the final

Alianza Lima will seek the League 1 title this November 21 and 28 to crown a year that could be historic for everything that happened at the beginning. But it will not only have as a rival Sporting Crystal scored by Roberto Mosquera. The massive contagion in the establishment has put obstacles that nobody had foreseen.

“I don’t know whether to call the situation the club is going through a disadvantage, but it is a problem they have to deal with, which is the same problem that many clubs had during the year, it happens that every game, every team was never analyzed. It has happened to us in Copa Sudamericana matches that hopefully we were able to complete a bank of substitutes “, begins Leandro Jorge, Melgar’s physical trainer.

“Alianza has two weeks ahead, they have time to work. Now it is also a final, a special match for the player. There is an extra motivation to pass this disease process. Because stress can also affect the physique and performance of footballers, although that is individual. Some have it normal, others have a hard time. , Add.

Dr. Julio Grados, a former doctor for the Peruvian national team and who also worked in Cienciano and Melgar during these times of pandemic, is more rigorous with the cases of COVID-19 in soccer players. “Before it was 14 days of total isolation, now I see that in five days they repeat a test and if it comes out negative, the footballer can go back to training. What are we talking about? he points out with some annoyance.

“What I do rescue from the Peruvian Football Federation is that a pulmonary tomography is being taken to the players who have the disease. This study shows the percentage of lung involvement after the coronavirus. They generally reach 10% and are easily recovered. But we should be more energetic with these issues, the footballer’s health must prevail above all else “he adds.

The days go by and in Alianza they count the hours to have their players again training in Matute. Although that should be after confirming that the infected are well and suitable to return to high-level physical jobs.


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