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Monumental Tour: the first tourist circuit of Universitario and why the first weekend was already sold out

There sat, for example, Gustavo Grondona, the day when the ‘U’ was three-time champion for the last time. The Negro Galván crossed himself crossing this same door, before the two billboards that say Garra Crema existed, minutes before the 2009 final against Alianza. That is the statue of 3.20m, let’s say, a little closer to its height, that almost 8 thousand fans paid for to give back his place to Lolo Fernández in the western entrances. Detective task find your last name. There, at that door that is right at the bottom of the stairs that go down to the court, Piero Alva had therapy before that scissor goal in Matute, Javier Chirinos raised his arms when Álvaro Ampuero made it 1-0 in the final of the Libertadores Sub 20 and Edison Flores and Andy Polo arrived, with their chavitos pants and unbranded sneakers, the day that Chemo del Solar promoted them to the first team.

Here, at the Monumental Stadium, everything good and bad happened that happened to the ‘U’ in the last 21 years. Now, elegantly baptized, Monumental Tour, the club opens the door for its fans to fulfill that greater duty: to keep the fire alive throughout history.


The sommelier on the Teleticket website says the following: “Know your house. We want the cream fan to live an unforgettable day and have a tour inside the Monumental Stadium. Live the history of the Club from within! ”. This is the first bet of the marketing area of ​​Universitario to recover the relationship – beaten, sometimes broken – with its fans, not only for this time of quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic; above all because of this chaotic administrative / political / financial climate, where no one believes in anyone and where – I am aware – the efforts to open the club’s door for them have been these: none.

“It is a first step to give back the club to the fans, who feel it close, theirs. And that our stadium can have life from Monday to Sunday, with or without a game, ”Daniel Amador, student marketing manager, explains to me. You are exhausted: your phone bursts from WhatsApp, phone calls, e-mails for answering. I have already seen that face more than once, mixed with his faith, in the popular of the UNSA, in the accesses of Odriozola, in others, etc. The visit to the field, as El Comercio learned, includes five stations and lasts approximately one hour, accompanied by a guide: 1) The new statue of Lolo Fernández. 2) The local dressing room, where Gregorio Pérez’s team will once again play the Copa Libertadores at home and the classic war chant is sung before going out onto the field. Which? “Come on, meringue … we have to win.” 3) The press room and the presidential box. 4) The field, where Universitario has been three-time champion 2000. 5) A Crema Store, where it will offer all the official 2020 and 2021 products.

Can you attend with your family? Brief practical guide: the Tour is open to all University fans on scheduled dates from this Saturday November 13, Friday 19, Saturday 20 until next Saturday 27, in the morning and afternoon. The price is 50 soles per adult and 25 soles for children (valid for minors between 4 and 17 years old accompanied by a senior). In a few hours the parking ticket will also be launched on social networks, at a cost of 10 soles. As of the closing of this note, of the 13 entry times for November – check Teleticket here – 9 are already sold out, in just one day after the promotion was announced.

For that reason, there will also be a Monumental Tour in December.


The wonderful job that I have made me know, in 2004, the stadium that Carlos Enciso Pérez-Palma showed me in plans, 7 years years old, signed in hand by the engineer Walter Lavalleja. I went to this field for a decade, from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 1. I didn’t go alone: ​​José Lara, Julio Ávalos, Che Córdova, Jorge Changra, we would get in, or the Daewoo, or the chercherosa truck of one of the media they could still afford it. But I said that, that time, when I was a student, Enciso had the infinite courtesy to tell me, not only what was being built at the end of Javier Prado Avenue, in a mysterious area called Mayorazgo urbanization, also about his dreams: that This enormous Monumental Stadium, the largest in the country and one of the colossi of America, serves so that the fans, partners and box players feel proud and at home, and that every corner gives them back the energy that is lost in defeats, and revive faith when you win and immediately, you dream of winning the Cup. “Welcome everyone, champion,” said Carlitos, with that tone that conveyed so much peace, in the middle of any hell.

He would be very happy how his Monumental – as he called it – opens its huge yellow bars, like someone who does it with a palace. And so, without cartoons or fears, that Disney dreamed of.

I will be back soon with my son.



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