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Alexia Sotomayor, the 15-year-old swimmer with more records than age who shone in gold in the South American


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When we met her, she was just 13 years old. The winter cold shortened her words, but not her excitement of competing in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. Today, two years later, it is her strokes that speak for her and her medals that shout success for all of Peru. Alexia Sotomayor Acuña continues to grow at the pace of records and titles.

The national swimmer has consolidated her name at the regional level in her category with her three gold medals with South American records in her category in the back tests (50, 100 and 200) in the South American Juvenile Swimming that took place until yesterday in the Videna Aquatic Center.

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“Never stop dreaming and always try to do your best”, He publishes on his social networks with the photos of the celebration of his medals. Absolute dominator of the backstroke modalities, she achieved the three gold medals with the best times of the competition and to this she added one silver. Four medals of the seven that the Peruvian delegation achieved in swimming.

“Despite his young age, he looks mature because he has been competing for a good time. He arrived as a favorite and the pressure did not weigh on him and he won all the back tests “, Óscar Castro, a journalist for the multisport portal Diario Récord, explains to El Comercio that he has been at the Aquatic Center following the competition.

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“She is a girl with remarkable talent who accompanies him with mental strength or discipline. The performance in this tournament is not surprising, she is training for the Junior Pan American Games, where she is going to lower her marks even more ”, says Nikola Ustavdich, president of the National Swimming Federation.

With the vision of continuing to stand out in the Junior Pan American Games in Cali, where from November 25 she will face older girls -the contest is up to 23 years old-, Alexia was training a few weeks ago in Cajamarca to simulate the height of the Colombian city. His preparation is being conscientious in search of great achievements.

“It is very competitive. He does not shrink, he likes to compete with bigger, faster people, with more years training. She uses it as a motivation “, aggregate Charter.

Thus, Alexia faces what will be the Junior Pan American Games in Cali. “It comes in the best way. By age, she will face rivals with better times, but it is highly commendable that she is always among the best. She is winning in her category with girls her age and that is important for when she has to measure herself with older people ”, Óscar tells us.

The same thinks Erika Vásquez, a journalist for TV Peru who covers various sports disciplines. “For his potential to have the ideal projection, he must be part of international championships that provide him with a better thermometer. Along the way, she will have the Junior Pan American Games, where she will be able to show that she is not only the best in South America, but also in the continent ”, the television reporter tells us.

Although Alexia took all the palms, the Peruvian team achieved another three medals thanks to Vasco Asparria, Melany and Ullilen and Ruy Unten.

Remember that these medals are added to those that the Peruvian delegation added in the South American Youth Water Sports Championship, which had Ana Ricci as a great figure, who won two gold medals in diving.

50 meters backOro29.98South American record
100 meters backstrokeOro1:04.02South American record with 1: 03.98 in qualifying series
200 meters backOro2:17.88South American record
50 freeThe payment26.86Youth National Record A
Vasco AsparriaThe payment1500 free16:39.28
Melany UllilenBronze200 mariposa2:24.97
Ruy downstairsBronze100 back1:01.92
Dartnel BarrierBronze200 chest2:49.90
Female team
Sotomayor, Barrera, Ullilen, Espinoza
BronzeCombined relays

Record girl

The name of Alexia Sotomayor Acuña has been repeated in the different specialized pages in this 2021. In data provided by the swimmer’s family, it can be said that this year she has reached up to 21 national records between long and short pools, 15 of they in their Youth A category and six in the maximum, that is, in the absolute category.

In addition, he keeps other records in his track record since 2019 and 2020, in addition to those he left in the children’s category B, which reach 19 records.

Your national records in 2021

Youth A (14-15 years)

Long pool – 50×25

  • 50 free – 26.86 – South American Youth
  • 50 back – 29.41 – Selective Tokyo
  • 100 backstroke – 1: 03.41 – Selective Tokyo
  • 200 backstroke – 2: 15.03 – Selectivo Panamericanos Jr
  • 200 combined – 2: 23.66 – Selectivo Panamericanos Jr
  • 4×200 free – 8: 51.46 – South American Youth
  • 4×100 mixed medley – 4: 16.76 – South American Youth
  • – 4×50 combined – 2: 03.24 (from 2020)

Short pool -25×12.5

  • 50 free – 26.23 – National Junior Championship
  • 100 free – 56.82 – National Junior Championship
  • 50 back – 28.11 – World Selective
  • 100 backstroke – 1: 01.26 – World Selective
  • 200 backstroke – 2: 13.17 – World Selective
  • 50 butterfly – 27.78 – Absolute National Championship
  • 100 combined – 1: 05.16 – Absolute National Championship
  • 200 combined – 2: 19.87 – Absolute National Championship
  • 4×200 free – 8: 39.57 (since 2020)


Long pool

  • 50 back – 29.41 – Selective Tokyo
  • 200 backstroke – 2: 15.03 – Selectivo Panamericanos Jr
  • 4 relay records from 2019 and 2020

Short Pool

  • 50 back – 28.11 – World Selective
  • 100 backstroke – 1: 01.26 – World Selective
  • 50 butterfly – 27.78 – Absolute National Championship
  • 100 combined – 1: 05.16 – Absolute National Championship
  • 2 relay records since 2020


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