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Peru vs Venezuela: the adverse present of the vinotinto and the uncertain future that surrounds it | REPORT

The selection of Venezuela She is overwhelmed with adverse results and situations. The match against Peru This Tuesday in Caracas and the ‘Vinotinto’ will seek to raise its head with a triumph that allows it to breathe, although it is already practically drowned, with no chance of qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


Venezuela’s next rival is Peru, which needs to win as a visitor to continue dreaming of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The ‘Blanquirroja’ is in seventh place with 14 points and a victory in Caracas would bring it closer to its aspirations.

It will be a very special duel for both teams. Anything can happen in the Venezuelan capital. There are statistics, irregular presents, and much more involved. The forecast is totally reserved.

The reasons for the adverse present of Venezuela

We spoke with four Venezuelan journalists so that they could give us more details on the various factors that motivate the present evil of ‘Vinotinto’. We were attended by Esteban Rojas, Caracas correspondent for Agence France-Presse (AFP); Sergio Musella from the American medium “La Opinion”; Alfredo Coronis from DirecTV Sports Venezuela; and Stefany Álvarez, who has lived in Peru since 2018 and currently works for the Daniel Peredo Legado channel with the program “A Ras de Cancha”.

Esteban Rojas points to two very important reasons:.

“Inevitably, this has been reflected in the results of the selection, because the preparation has been greatly affected and because there has been no confidence in the cycles”, he points out.

Sergio Musella goes along the same line. He explains that the departure of José Peseiro due to the debts of 14 months’ salary presented by the Venezuelan team, in addition to the situation of the FVF with the intervention of FIFA, as a result of “the arrest and subsequent death of the then president of the Jesús Berardinelli Federation ”, have been decisive for the present gray of the ‘Vinotinto’.

“This generates that within the Federation some political and economic problems occurred, which ended up leaving the coach and his coaching staff without their payment. In addition, when the Peseiro project was starting to grow, several things came together, such as the extra-sports incident of the last Copa América after the massive contagion “, he points out.

Alfredo Coronis also agrees with his colleagues that the main problem is the federative instability of Venezuela. .

“For this generation it was expected that there would be a very good amalgamation between the players already established in Europe, such as Tomás Rincón and Salomón Rondón, and the runners-up of the U-20 world in 2017. Unfortunately, in the federative everything went wrong”, he indicated.

For his part, Stefany Álvarez points out that the adverse current situation is due to various inconveniences in the staff, technical command and the Federation. “Since Rafael Dudamel unexpectedly resigned, there is no stability for a process towards the American Cups or South American Qualifiers”, I consider.

Peru vs. Venezuela, an intense duel

Peru will face a very important and complicated challenge in Caracas. . The statistics are made to be broken and that is what Ricardo Gareca’s team will try, although it will not be easy at all.

In these Qualifiers, Venezuela has only added seven points out of 39 possible. They were all added locally at the Olympic Stadium (UCV), the same setting where he will play against Peru.

“This is, in theory, the last game of the interim coach Leonardo González, who took over after the departure of Peseiro. There are expectations that there will be a closing of the cycle with a positive result. But the truth is that the atmosphere around the national team is very cold, because there is no possibility of getting into the World Cup qualification. It is a team that is in the doldrums “, indicates Esteban Rojas.

Sergio Musella recognizes that the matches between Peru and Venezuela are very intense and even. “There is a fairly important parity in recent years”, expresses. .

“The Olympic Stadium has become a fort. Except for the game against Argentina, which was lost, Venezuela has had very positive results: it beat Chile, it drew Uruguay, it beat Ecuador. Precisely for this match against Peru it is an option. However, Venezuela is not in a position to leave everything on the court “, he points out.

Alfredo Coronis assured that in Venezuela Peru has always been seen as “A rival that must be won yes or yes”. However, it also emphasizes the enormous growth of the ‘Blanquirroja’ in recent years. “A victory can serve to mitigate the terrible moment of the ‘Vinotinto’, although Peru is viewed with great respect and caution for what it has been doing”, he pointed.

Finally, Stefany Álvarez assures that Venezuela will try to maintain the 24-year streak without losing at home to Peru, mainly through their individualities. But .

The absence of Salomón Rondón


The 32-year-old footballer’s physical condition has not been the best in recent months. He himself expressed his adverse situation in a statement, after not being considered in the call for the duels against Ecuador and Peru.

The four Venezuelan journalists agree that Rondón’s absence has been fundamental for the terrible present that the ‘Vinotinto’ lives in the Qualifiers. His goals are greatly missed, in addition to his important presence as a “voice of command” and maximum reference within the squad.

It is much needed especially because there have been many incidents of indiscipline in the last calls. It takes the heavy hand of a captain like him. I think that beyond his potential scorer, his leadership on the pitch and in the dressing room is missed “explain to Alfred Coronis.

Despite the fact that Rondón is a guarantee of many goals for the Venezuelan national team, Stefany Álvarez believes that the young Eric Ramírez has managed to perfectly fill the void left by the experienced Everton striker. He does not believe that he has taken his position, but he has known how to make up for his absence.

Eric Ramírez has played seven games with Venezuela and only scored one goal |  Photo: AFP

“You need the experience, hierarchy, attitude that Salomón Rondón brings when he plays with the ‘Vinotinto’. It is always a sensitive casualty. But Venezuela can count on a great striker like 22-year-old Eric Ramírez, with a great career ahead of him, as he now has with Dinamo Kiev. He has been in charge of assuming with so much responsibility as a center forward in Venezuela, that he has made Rondón not be so surprised ”, indicates.

José Pékerman, the chosen one?

In recent days, the name of Jose Pékerman has resonated with force in the environment of the Venezuelan national team. The experienced Argentine coach could take the reins of the ‘Vinotinto’ from 2022, but still nothing is certain.

The information that Esteban Rojas handles is that, in effect, there are well-advanced negotiations between Pékerman and the Venezuelan team, but that they are not closed. “It was even said that it could be announced before this double date, which did not materialize”, He says. Now, doubts also arise about the adverse economic situation in the ‘Vinotinto’, which could determine a frustrated operation for the arrival of the 72-year-old technician.

Alfredo Coronis precisely emphasizes this dubious context. “Nobody in Venezuela is satisfied that if they have not paid the 14 months of debt to Peseiro yet, there will be money to bring Pékerman”, expresses.

Of course, all agree that the arrival of Jose Pékerman it can be very beneficial for the Venezuelan national team, although it is probably not the solution you really need. He can contribute a lot to the ‘Vinotinto’, after his great experience at the national team level, but he must have the guarantee of certain stability and optimal conditions to work calmly with the squad.

“He would probably be the most important coach to have led Venezuela if it were to go ahead. He has a lot of knowledge of talent development and that is very important for a team like this, which is going to go through a renewal process … I don’t see him as a savior, but what is certain is that Pékerman, in order to to function, it requires that they have the working conditions that their predecessors did not have “, explains Esteban Rojas.

Sergio Musella agrees in the same way, who accepts that Pékerman is a strategist with many virtues; however, he does not believe that the problems with him will be solved. “It is not easy, especially in a country with so many problems like this … It can give many positive things to Venezuela, but due to the current situation of Venezuelan football I do not think it will last long here”.

For his part, Alfredo Coronis pointed out that if the arrival of the Argentine coach takes place, one of his demands will be the reformulation of the lower teams of the ‘Vinotinto’. “It can help rebuild the soccer structure of the Venezuelan national team system”, he assures.

Finally, Stefany Álvarez also doubts that Venezuela can escape the current crisis with José Pékerman at the helm of the team, since various factors have contributed to the constant setbacks of the ‘Vinotinto’. “Venezuela’s problems are not just not playing well or not having a solid tactical approach. There are many problems behind “, he warns.


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