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Jamie Carragher and PSG’s options: “He will never win the Champions League with Messi, he’s out for a walk”

Lionel Messi started with PSG on the recent day of the Champions League. Beyond an extraordinary tunnel to Raheem Sterling and some attempt on Manchester City’s goal, the number 30 could do little to avoid a 2-1 defeat at the Etihad Stadium. After the engagement, the Argentine was singled out by the specialized press.

Jamie Carragher, winner of the ‘Orejona’ with Liverpool in 2004-05 and current panelist for Paramount Plus, carried the former Barcelona and even reduced his options to lift the Champions League with Paris Saint Germain due to the poor performance he has shown since he arrived in the capital of France.

“He will never win the Champions League with Messi, he’s out for a walk”, began the World Cup with England. Immediately, the former of the ‘Reds’ delved into the matter and said that the Argentine star is part of a giant problem that also involves Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. Thus, Carragher said that PSG “Carry three passengers”, in reference to the little commitment to recover the ball.

“Let’s say the four teams that I think can win the Champions League don’t have a single passenger on the team. PSG has three, has absolutely no chance of winning the Champions Leagueadded Jamie, who served as a defender and only wore the Liverpool jersey.

After ‘hitting’ Messi, the sports analyst on the British platform focused the criticism on Mbappé (author of the goal for his team), for the position he showed on the field. Also, the historical in Anfield was encouraged to give a recommendation to Mauricio Pochettino, related to take over the technical direction of Manchester United.

It frustrates me to see Mbappé more than anyone else. I can almost understand Messi to a certain extent, he is 34 years old, but Mbappé is 22 years old, he should be sprinting back and coming back to help his teammates against a top Manchester City team. Walking in the field is not for me “, Held.

“Pochettino has to leave the club. If he has the opportunity to go to Manchester United, I would go tomorrow. And it is because of its three stars “, Carragher said in relation to the difficulties that the Argentine coach would have in the second part of the campaign if he continues under the command of the French club.

Indeed, PSG may collide with another European giant in the knockout stages of the Champions League. The French team will be second in their group and the draw may find them with Liverpool, Ajax, Bayern Munich or Manchester United. After the last date, the list will expand with Real Madrid or Inter Milan, Juventus or Chelsea. Although, if luck accompanies, they seem more accessible Salzburg or Seville, who fight for the lead with Lille.


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