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Marcelo Gallardo and a dedication to heaven: the conquest of the title that he lacked with River on a special date


The exhilaration of River Plate stretches to the sky. There, at the top of the celestial vault, Ana María Maidana preserves the solemn breath for her son Marcelo gallardo, the main person in charge of the successes of the ‘Millionaire’. Just today, November 25, seven years have passed since her departure and the ‘Doll’ had no better idea than to honor her with the title that was elusive for so long.

A November 25 to commemorate. And although Diego Maradona wore the colors of Boca Juniors, Argentine football has the date marked as the day of the departure of the ‘D10S’. The River Plate fan was able to smile tonight thanks to his team. “A person who made me want to love football, who filled my pillow with dreams”, Marcelo Gallardo had said about the ’10’. Today, one of his dreams is partially fulfilled as a tribute to the idol.

Sadness cornered Gallardo at a very exciting time in his career. It was the first year of his adventure as a River coach and he was quickly returning the winning essence to the team that had just been promoted. The time came when the ‘Doll’ had the complicated semi-final back of the South American Cup ahead of none other than Boca Juniors, after having achieved a valuable draw at La Bombonera. But everything became difficult when he received the least expected news: his mother had passed away.

Ana María Maidana was 55 years old and had a long fight against cancer. In those key days of November 2014, the brave woman could not resist anymore and the pain inevitably seized the family of Marcelo gallardo. In fact, the River coach’s conference scheduled for the Superclásico had to be canceled.

Only two days later, the ‘Doll’ took all the necessary strength, was present at the match at the Monumental and won the great 1-0 victory to reach the final of the contest. The rest is history.

“Many things have happened these months (…) In other facets of my life, from another place, living this joy is immense. I want to dedicate it to my old woman “, pronounced Marcelo with a broken voice and tears in his eyes when he won the final against Atlético Nacional.

Seven years have passed and many things remain the same. The ‘Doll’ continues to remember his mother with great intensity, while River Plate’s success continues and the joy is incessant.

Records, triumphs and titles establish a golden stage of the River Plate cub. Gallardo He has won absolutely everything with River. .

Before this 2021, the trophies of the Argentine Cup, the Argentine Super Cup, the South American Cup, the Libertadores Cup, among others, shone in the list of the ‘Doll’. However, a very important one was missing from his showcase: the domestic league.

2014South American Cup1
2015Recopa Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores and Copa Suruga Bank3
2016Argentina Cup and South American Recopa2
2017Argentine Cup and Argentine Super Cup2
2018Liberators cup1
2019Argentine Cup, Argentine Super Cup and South American Recopa3
2021Argentine Professional League1


Much deserved. After several seasons fighting for that trophy – in the shadow of a Boca Juniors that won four local titles in this period – finally the ‘Doll’ got it. The season has been unquestionably perfect. .

It is consummated. Marcelo Gallardo’s gaze points upward. It is a special achievement and there is no better day than this November 25 to dedicate it to your mother. She continues to accompany him from heaven and the ‘Doll’ continues to honor her on earth.

Are you close to the Uruguay team?

In the middle of the party, Gallardo’s name continues to resonate strongly these days in Uruguay. The departure of ‘Maestro’ Óscar Washington Tabárez, after 15 years, has opened the doors to ‘Muñeco’ in the Uruguayan team, but still nothing is certain.

. However, it will not be an easy task to convince you.

From Europe they have already tried to sign the ‘Doll’. Teams such as Sevilla, Olympique de Lyon and especially Barcelona showed their interest in having the Argentine strategist, but all attempts failed. The outlook was complicated for Gallardo to leave River, but now it is not so much.


. The last word will be the ‘Doll’. Meanwhile, the Uruguayan institution is already making the necessary movements to persuade him.

According to reports in Argentina, the president of the Federation of Uruguay, Ignacio Alonso, plans to travel this weekend to speak personally with Gallardo. Even the Uruguayan boss has already had a talk with Juan Berros, representative of the River technician, according to the Télam agency.

“We are very interested in Gallardo. We think he is an extraordinary coach who has had a fantastic process at River. Your workgroup is attractive to any team in the world. We look at it carefully and we can get to have a crossroads “Alonso noted in a recent interview with Telemundo.

. In recent days, the Argentine strategist has not wanted to pronounce on the matter, but with the tournament already sentenced, in Uruguay they are waiting for his prompt response. The Uruguayan illusion is not lost.




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