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Jean Ferrari on “Adherent Member”: “We carry out programs to reduce current debt to one million soles per month” | INTERVIEW

These are days of many numbers and names for Jean Ferrari. The administrator and manager of Sports University he lives his days between reinforcement contracts and planning to reduce the club’s current debt. Ferrari is not only projecting itself to good sporting performances in 2022, but also to the sustainability of the club. And for that, it does not rule out exporting players. Álex Valera would be one of them.

– How is the negotiation with the four reinforcements that will arrive at the ‘U’?

The four reinforcements of the club are already closed, we are finishing management issues, but they are already hired. We are aiming for a budget according to the economic reality of the team. We want to optimize the resources we have, to build a team that will be the protagonist of the local tournament and that will have a presentation in the Copa Libertadores according to our history. We are going to reinforce specific areas. There will be three nationals and one foreign.

—You already mentioned your interest in Christian Ramos. When will the official announcement be?

I cannot give that information. For a formality, we can only announce reinforcements on December 1. There are current contracts for the players, so we do not want to break with that tranquility. A center-back, two midfielders and a forward will arrive.

“Which stranger would it be?”

The foreigner will be one of the flyers.

“Were they able to investigate the excesses in the Monumental stadium in more detail?”

We take immediate action and have a very good relationship with the police. We were able to control certain acts outside the stadium. The reaction was quick, we are in communication with the commission that is in charge of violence in sporting events and thus take the corresponding measures. These passionate themes can be controlled, and it is good that professional clubs are on the sidelines of that.

“How hit did you find the economy on your return?”

We have found a very complicated economy, we are in a stage of honesty. When we left the club, we had a current debt of approximately a little over 40 million soles. Today that current debt is 52 million and five hundred thousand soles. Actual amounts.

—And the bankruptcy debt, what state is it in?

The bankruptcy debt today is neutralized. The insolvency proceedings are suspended. Current debt has grown due to the issue of AFPs payments, supplier payments, among other unfulfilled expenses. All this is what we have received and what we have to pay.

—And the current debt already has a payment plan?

Since we have returned we have reduced the current debt by two and a half million soles, approximately.

– The plan is to reduce a million soles per month?

That would be the rosy outlook. To be able to generate a million soles per month to pay current debt, which is not the same as paying on a day-to-day basis. That is why we have generated programs that help meet this reduction, such as the “Adherent Member” that we have just presented.

– Do you agree with Indecopi’s fine to the previous administrators of the club?

I think it is very little, but I am not going to say if it is or is wrong. Due to the damage that has been done to the institution, the penalties should have been greater.

—How is the nationalization of Alberto Quintero going?

We have done the paperwork and we have entered the information for the nationalization. We can only wait. Hopefully we can fix it before the end of the year. If not, we will have one less foreigner quota. But in our planning is to have another foreigner.

– Has a prevention plan been established to avoid acts of violence like the one seen recently at the Lolo Fernández stadium?

Measures were taken immediately, security was tightened. The decision was made not to rent the property any more, to use it for youth soccer and women’s soccer. We have terminated the concession contract that the stadium had.

“Is everything in order for the reopening of the Monumental to the public?”

We have Cream Night planned for January 8, but we still do not know what the capacity will be for that day. That will be a good thermometer for us, but we cannot do the event promotions yet. It all depends on the capacity, we will do the management with the authorities.

– Was the negotiation for the return of Gregorio Pérez fast?

With Gregorio it was a quick conversation, especially because of the good relationship we have. He is in love with the ‘U’, it wasn’t easy, but it was fast.

– Will there be friendlies before the Copa Libertadores?

We are looking at the option of making friendlies in the United States, however, we have to be careful with the schedule that the Peruvian championship will have and not collide with that.

– How was the case of Mathías Carpio?

We weren’t there when they took the boy out. Apparently he has a contract already signed with Cienciano, and the conflict with the Federation was to know if he was well or badly registered. That issue, I understand, is still being evaluated. We contacted Mathías and he told us that he was willing, although legal issues can complicate an athlete’s career. We will remain on the lookout if the legal and contractual issue is resolved.

– Has the women’s football project at the club been rerouted?

The sports theme is going quite well. The women’s team is working, incorporations are being made, Paolo Maldonado is working very well with his technical command.

– Is there a possibility of exporting players next year?

There is nothing concrete yet, but we have received calls to ask about some players. Some who have a projection, others with a good time, those contacts will always be there. I estimate that after our participation in the Copa Libertadores we will have more calls.

“Is Valera one of those exportables?”

Sure, they have asked about Valeria abroad. It is one of them.

– Does the U have a position in the conflict in the TAS between professional clubs and the Federation?

We have a position in favor of legality. As long as there is not an optimal and clarified legal framework, we are hardly going to participate in them. I respect the position of those clubs, but we are not going to conflict with anyone. Our focus is on directing our institution. We only want the legalities of things to be respected, for there to be work for minors, for there to be a management line with the clubs, that’s what we aim for. We bet on legality and on forms.

– Then the position of the ‘U’ in the subject Statutes of the Federation is the abstention?

As long as it is not clear what the valid Statutes are, we cannot comment on whether it is right or wrong. The governing body must clarify that, and if they cannot do it, let Conmebol or FIFA do it.

– Have you already planned the transfer of players to the national team for the next qualifying round? Is there a conflict with the ‘U’ sports calendar?

We have a very good relationship with Professor Gareca and, above all, with Juan Carlos Oblitas. We will always opt for the national team to do well, especially if it is in the qualification zone. If the national team does well, the entire Peruvian football system will do well.


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