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Alianza Lima looks to 2022: possible renewals, players who end their contract and those who will continue

The celebrations in Lima Alliance by the title of the League 1 they were paused. At least for the leaders of the Blue and White team, who will have a titanic task to strengthen the team in the face of the Liberators cup and the Peruvian tournament that begins the fortnight of January. There are players who have already expired contracts and who, at the request of Carlos Bustos, have to renew.

Remember that Lima Alliance He put together a squad to face League 2. However, along the way, he began to strengthen himself to compete in League 1. The blue and white team achieved the great goal of being champion and returning to the Copa Libertadores.

Now the Blue and White Fund is ready to put together a competitive team. Know that Alianza Lima has a great debt in international tournaments. According to Salomón Lerner, by next year they hope to have a squad to fight both tournaments.

“Looking ahead to the next year, Alianza obtained a good budget and we are going to turn it into sports development. We hope to form a competitive team for international tournaments to bring joy to Peruvian football ”, Lerner declared to Ovation.

The first step is to renew the players who were important for obtaining the national title. On Lima Alliance There are several players who end their contract in December of this year, one of them is Hernán Barcos.

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Hernán Barcos was the most influential player of the blue and white team. The ‘Pirate’ was not only the team’s top scorer, he was also the one who gave the most goals throughout the season.

Hernán Barcos carries Jefferson Farfán (Photo: GEC)

Another of the positive leaders he had Alianza Lima was Josepmir Ballón. The midfielder stayed with the blue and white team and was one of the team’s figures. In addition, he is the player that Carlos Bustos used the most times.

Josepmir Ballón has been a player for Alianza Lima since the 2020 season (Photo: Professional Football League)

The same with Angelo Campos. He came to be a substitute for Steven Rivadeneyra and ended up staying with the position and being a figure in the blue and white box. The goalkeeper is another of the players who has been negotiating his renewal.

If there is a player who has won the affection of the fans of Alianza Lima is Pablo Míguez. The Uruguayan midfielder ended up consolidating as a central defender and being a great support for the younger players. In a blue and white store, wait for his nationalization to play as a Peruvian in 2022.

The goalkeeper has already signed for Mannucci. The future of the rest is outside of Matute.

Pablo Míguez returned to Alianza Lima in 2021. (Photo: League 1)
Angelo Campos2021
Steven Rivadeneyra2021
Franco Saravia2023
Yordy vílchez2022
Jonathan Lacerda2021
Jefferson Portales2021
Carlos Montoya2023
Ricardo Lagos2023
Dylan Caro2021
Pablo Míguez2021
Josepmir Ballón2021
Axel moyano2022
Miguel Cornejo2022
Jairo Concha2022
Edhu Oliva2022
Oscar Pinto2022
Edgar Benitez2022
Wilmer Aguirre2021
Osling Mora2023
Arley Rodriguez2021
Jose Gallardo2022
Mauricio Matzuda2021
Aldair Rodríguez2022
Hernán Barcos2021
Sebastian Gonzales2022
Jefferson Farfan2022



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