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Millionaires vs. Alianza Petrolera live: schedules and on which channel to watch the Liga BetPlay home run

Millionaires vs. Alianza Petrolera live: schedules and on which channel to watch the Liga BetPlay home run

Millionaires vs. Petroleum Alliance LIVE Win Sports+: this Thursday, December 2 from 20:05 pm (Peruvian and Colombian time) on date 2 of Group B of the home run of the BetPlay League. The match will also be broadcast on RCN Nuestra Tele and Fanatiz, while you will be able to follow all incidents, with videos of the goals, at this minute by minute.

The actions will take place at the El Campín Stadium in Bogotá and the referee Nicolás Gallo will be in charge of delivering justice. At this moment, Millonarios and Alianza Petrolera are coleros in Zone B without points, while Tolima and América de Cali are at the top with three units each. Remember that only the leader will advance to the final.

What time to watch the Millionaires vs. Petroleum Alliance?

United States – 5.05 pm Los Angeles time

México – 7.05 p. m.

United States – 7.05 pm Texas time

Perú – 8.05 p. m.

Ecuador – 8.05 p. m.

Colombia – 8.05 p. m.

United States – 8.05 pm Miami time

Bolivia – 9.05 p. m.

Venezuela – 9.05 p. m.

Argentina – 10.05 p. m.

Chile – 10.05 p. m.

Uruguay – 10.05 p. m.

Brasil – 10.05 p. m.

Paraguay – 10.05 p. m.

Portugal – 1.05 am (Thursday, November 18)

England – 1.05am (Thursday, November 18)

Italy – 2.05 am (Thursday, November 18)

Spain – 2.05 am (Thursday, November 18)

On which channels to watch Millionaires vs. Petroleum Alliance?

Chile: RCN Our Tele

Colombia: Win Sports+, Win Sports Online, RCN Nuestra Tele

Ecuador: RCN Our Tele

International: Fanatiz International

Mexico: RCN Nuestra Tele, Fanatiz Mexico

Peru: RCN Our Tele

Spain: RCN Our Tele

USA: RCN Our Tele

Venezuela: RCN Our Tele

During the regular stage of the BetPlay League, the ‘Blues’ had good performances and took second place, after adding 11 victories, three draws and six defeats. However, those led by Alberto Gamero stumbled consecutively in recent weeks, a trend that is still continuing.

Considering the fall of the first date of the current semifinal homer, in Millonarios they register four defeats, a draw and a victory. Only the 3-1 visit against Atlético Nacional has been the only joy that the fans have celebrated since the last days of October.

The obligation now is to win so that they can maintain options to approach the title, which they have not achieved since the second part of the 2017 season. The scorer Fernando Uribe (nine goals and two assists) will have to show his best form, being accompanied by Daniel Ruiz, a 20-year-old who has surprised in the Colombian league.

For its part, Alianza Petrolera secured its passage to this round of playoffs by finishing in the sixth box of the general table, with eight wins, seven draws and five losses. However, they started this phase in the worst way, since the players could not do much against Tolima and were beaten 4-1.

Bayron Garcés was the author of the only goal of the team in that presentation, with which he added eight goals and five assists so far. John Pérez and Pablo Bueno, with five and four scores respectively, are the other attack figures in the box led by coach Hubert Bodhert.

Millionaires vs. Alianza Petrolera: party history

In recent times, the Millionaires vs. Alianza Petrolera have occurred consecutively. Of the last 10 times they met, the ‘Blues’ won four times and the ‘Petroleros’ only twice, although they also got a penalty shootout after equalizing in regulation time. Check the statistics:

11-14-2021: Millionaires 1-1 Alianza Petrolera – BetPlay League

08-18-2021: Millionaires 1-1 Alianza Petrolera – Colombia Cup

08-04-2021: Alianza Petrolera 1-0 Millionaires – Colombia Cup

03-09-2021: Oil Alliance 0-2 Millionaires – BetPlay League

11-19-2020: Alianza Petrolera 2-2 (penalties 4-3) Millonarios – Copa Colombia

11-15-2020: Millionaires 6-1 Alianza Petrolera – BetPlay League

09-26-2019: Millionaires 2-1 Alianza Petrolera – BetPlay League

04-03-2019: Oil Alliance 0-2 Millionaires – BetPlay League

04-09-2018: Alianza Petrolera 3-2 Millionaires – BetPlay League

03-22-2018: Millonarios 1-1 Alianza Petrolera – BetPlay League

Millionaires vs. Alianza Petrolera: possible alignments

Millionaires: Ruíz; Roman, Llinás, Vargas, Bertel; Vega, Giraldo, Silva; Quiñónes, Uribe, Rodríguez.

Petroleum Alliance: Chunga; Navarro, Pérez, Riquett, Saldaña; Flórez, Portilla; Torres, Pérez, Garcés; Gil.