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Liberman did not expect it: Carlos Navarro Montoya defended Zambrano live | VIDEO

At the premiere of ESPN’s ‘Debate F’ show, Carlos Zambrano became a topic of conversation again and received harsh criticism from Martin Liberman. However, Carlos Navarro Montoya, a former Argentine footballer, came out in defense of the defender from Boca Juniors.

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The Argentine journalist again questioned the level of the ‘Kaiser’ with the set ‘Xeneize’. “I question Zambrano as bad, lazy, mediocre, not because he is late for the concentration and because he was born in Peru. If I were Argentine, I would say exactly the same thing “he said last Sunday.

“For Boca it would be wonderful to get rid of Carlos Zambrano, he is a hindrance”added. “The ‘Monkey’ looks at me. What do you want? Did you see what Zambrano plays? “he told Carlos Navarro Montoya, who responded immediately.

“I do not agree (…) For me he is a player of a very good level”the former soccer player replied on the live broadcast.

Navarro Montoya’s defense to Carlos Zambrano

It is worth mentioning that Carlos Zambrano He has been fighting in Boca Juniors to regain the title, since Carlos Izquierdoz and Marcos Rojo or, lately, Lisandro López usually play.

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