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OL – OM incidents: Role play (not funny) between Aulas and Longoria before the verdict of the disciplinary committee


Let’s be done. Wednesday, at 6 p.m., the disciplinary committee of the LFP will meet to discuss the follow-up to be given to the incidents which led, at the end of November, to the interruption of the OL-OM match. And the last shots played by Jean-Michel Aulas and Pablo Longoria create a tense atmosphere over the big decision.

At the end of its investigation, the committee must decide both on Lyon’s responsibility in this incident and on the fate of the interrupted match, while the L1 season has been punctuated by serious incidents in the stands since this summer. “We are talking about a major problem in French football. There comes a time when we have to take height, be responsible with the other presidents, ”said OM President Pablo Longoria in a daily interview. The team posted Monday evening.

Longoria’s double-play, Aulas’ answers

The Spanish leader would like “to have a clear regulation in which the applicable sanctions are recorded for each type of incident. This would prevent everyone from asking questions every time. It would be coherent. What is not responsible is to seek to preserve each of our individual interests when it is a collective problem ”.

Longoria’s magnanimous posture goes against the strategy of OM, which, according to RMC Sport, would like to push the disciplinary committee to give Olympique Lyonnais a lost game, by proving in particular that the bottle throw on Dimitri Payet is not an isolated act – which is precisely what the defense of Lyon’s leaders is based on.

Back in his costume of angry twittos (and delicately with his keyboard), JMA did not have to be asked to answer. “It’s still astonishing that OM want to influence the LFP and its committees: To use such language, you have to believe yourself damn sure of yourself! This is worrying for OL, whose argument for an isolated act is different from previous incidents, where OM still seem to be there. “

The Lyon president could have left it there, but, annoyed, got into gear by proposing a new rule like Denis Brognart in Koh-Lanta, the content of which we let you appreciate. “To avoid stopping a match wrongly, we could allow clubs to replace a potentially injured player: give the possibility of staying at 11 as in the case of a concussion (6th substitute). Maybe it could even encourage the injured person to start again? “

The behavior of Aulas and Sampaoli pointed out by the arbitration report

Offensive, Jean-Michel Aulas will also have to defend himself after the referee report of the meeting pointed to remarks addressed to Ruddy Buquet, who then refused to resume the meeting.

According to extracts from this incident report written by Mr. Ruddy Buquet, OL-OM’s main referee, the Lyon club boss would have taken advantage of his presence on the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation to promote the idea. not to “stop there” with regard to the decision of the referee, himself placed under the supervision of the FFF.

“I would like to point out that Mr. Aulas Jean-Michel, president of Olympique Lyonnais, made the following comments when leaving my locker room: the competition depends on the LFP, you on the FFF, I am unfortunately part of the Comex and it will not stop there ”, we can read in an excerpt from the document, sent by Mr. Buquet to the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP).

“These are incomplete remarks, taken out of context and relating to the incomprehension between the League which communicates on the resumption of the match while at the same time the referee changed position by stopping the match for reasons then not explained », Reacted a spokesperson for OL.

Other extracts from the arbitration report show a behavior “inappropriate” of Jorge Sampaoli who would have been “a little angry” with regard to Mr. Buquet. The latter would have “behaved, gestures more and more inappropriate towards me by pointing to me several times in my locker room” and making remarks not transcribed by his translator, points out the report. Wednesday night’s high mass may be salty.




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