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See game Millonarios vs. América de Cali live | Home Runs BetPlay League

Other sports via Win Sports basic

Win Sports is not only a soccer channel, it is a sports channel that is in charge of broadcasting the Diamond League (the most important in Colombian athletics), tennis and volleyball tournaments.

How to pay for Win Sports?

If you have Win Sports you must pay in Efecty and you must follow the following steps:

Review the plans or events that you can buy and go to the nearest Efecty service point.
Tell the cashier that you want to pay for Win Sports Online, with the collection code 110564, and tell them the value of the plan or event you want to purchase.
The Efecty cashier will ask you for some information such as names and surnames and identification number, and will ask you to confirm the plan or event to be purchased.
When you make the payment, the Efecty cashier will give you a payment receipt with a validation code on it.
With the payment receipt in hand, enter from your computer, tablet or smartphone to our website
In the plans, choose the product you paid for in Efecty.
Login with your username and password
In the payment options, choose Cash payment.
Enter your validation code and enjoy the Win Sports Online signal.

How to watch Win Sports +?

You also have the option of Win Sports play, the online signal to watch Betplay League matches live from any mobile device.

How does Win Sports work?

Once you contract the Win Sports soccer package, you only have to tune in to the channel according to your operator. Check which are the channels in our note.

How much is Win Sports worth?

Win Sports has a price of 29,000 Colombian pesos, so you should check with your contracted operator to be able to buy the football package and watch all the games of the Betplay 2021 League.

Signs to watch Win Sports basic

Win Sports via satellite:

DirecTV: Canal 633 (SD) – Canal 1633 (HD)
ClaroTV: Channel 521
MovistarTV: Canal 496 (SD) – Canal 895 (HD)
Tigo: Channel 240 (HD)

Win Sports vía cable:

Claro TV: Channel 521 (SD) – Channel 524 (Alternate) – Channel 1521 (HD)
Tigo: Channel 23 (SD) – Channel 240 (HD)
ETB (Cúcuta): Channel 33 and Channel 2
CableCauca (Popayán): Channel 30 and Channel 15
Multivision (Bogotá): Channel 30 and Channel 8
Colcable (Bogotá and Meta): Channel 17 and Channel 6
CMET (Chile): Canal 55

Signs to watch Win Sports +

Win Sports + via satellite:

DirecTV: Canal 634 (SD) – Canal 1634 (HD)
Movistar: Canal 497 (SD) – Canal 896 (HD)
ClaroTV: Canal 523 (HD)

Win Sports+ vía cable:

ClaroTV: Canal 522 (SD) – Canal 1522 (HD)
Tigo: Channel 139 (SD) – Channel 239 (HD)

Win Sports+ vía IPTV

Movistar: Canal 210 (HD)
EMCALI: Canal 205 (HD)
ETB: Canal 388 (SD) – Canal 389 (HD)
Tigo: Channel 24 (SD) – Channel 239 (HD)
ClaroTV: Canal 1522 (HD)

So you can watch Win Sports and Win Sports + online

Once you buy the package through DirecTV, Claro, Tigo, EmCali, Movistar or HVTV you can use their online platform to watch the games.

How to acquire and how much does Win Sports + cost outside of Colombia?

For those Colombians who live abroad or simply lovers of soccer, you must enter and purchase the package online for a value of 32 thousand Colombian pesos

How much does Win Sports + cost?

This channel does have an additional cost. It is the Premium signal of Win Sports and has a price of 29,900 Colombian pesos, although there are months in which they launch promotions. The price of Win Sports + has risen in 2021, since in the 2020 season it had a cost of 20 thousand pesos.

How much does Win Sports cost?

Half of the Betplay League matches will be broadcast through this channel, but they will not be the most important. Of course, it does not have any additional cost as it comes in standard and HD signal according to the cable operator you have hired. The cable operators that work in Colombia are: Tigo, Claro, DirecTV, ETB and Movistar.

The technical director also left a message to the fans: “The message is that this team has a great campaign, we are going to see how America and Tolima are, but we have the illusion of fighting and being in the final.”

One of the objectives was also to secure a place in the Copa Libertadores, something they achieved: “We wanted to be there. We reached 85 points and we had not reached that score, in addition, with options to reach the final again. I see the boys with the attitude of playing and running, they are two changes that are made ”.

After the last victory against Tolima, the coach of the Blues, Alberto Gamero indicated: “The important thing was to win to add three points and have the great possibility that we are waiting for.”

Millionaires vs. America de Cali: probable alignments

America de Cali: Graterol; Andrade, Malagón, Palacios, Mosquera; Quiñónes, Angulo, Paz, Rodríguez; Ramos, Torres.

Millionaires: Ruíz; Roman, Llinás, Vargas, Perlaza; Giraldo, Vega, Silva; Ruíz, Márquez, Rodríguez.

Millionaires vs. America de Cali: history

Both teams have met 41 times leaving a slightly favorable balance for Millonarios FC with 17 wins, 13 draws and 11 losses. He then looks back on his latest duels.

November 2021 | America de Cali 2-1 Millionaires
October 2021 | Millionaires 0-0 America de Cali
May 2021 | Millionaires 0-0 America de Cali
April 2021 | America de Cali 1-2 Millionaires
March 2021 | America de Cali 2-1 Millionaires

What does Millionaires need to reach the final?

Win by two or more goals to América de Cali and hope that Tolima loses to Alianza Petrolera, in the best of scenarios, by two or more goals as well.

What time does Millonarios vs. America from Cali?

Peru, Colombia, Ecuador – 7:45 pm
México – 6:45 p.m.
Bolivia, Venezuela, United States – 8:45 pm
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil – 9:45 pm
Spain – 02:45 am (Thursday 16)

Where to see Millionaires vs. America from Cali?

The game will be broadcast throughout Colombia by the Win Sports signal. In addition, you will be able to see the incidents for free online through Win Sports + and the El Comercio website.

The ‘Red Devils’, meanwhile, are eliminated after losing precisely to Tolima in a match that had to be rescheduled due to weather issues. Likewise, they will go out with the aim of giving their fans one last joy.

The ‘Azules’ have just beaten Alianza Petrolera by the minimum difference and, with 8 points in their area, they still dream of accessing the grand final. Of course, for this he must first impose himself as a local against his rival on duty and wait for Tolima (11) to stumble.

Today, on date 6 of Group B of the final home run of the BetPlay League 2021, Millonarios vs. América de Cali live online at the El Campín Stadium in Bogotá. The game is scheduled to start at 7:45 pm (local time) and will be broadcast by Win Sports.

Welcome friends of Trade, to the online and live transmission of the great game between Millonarios vs. América de Cali for the final home runs of the BetPlay 2021 League in Colombia!


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