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University: In what positions should the cream club be strengthened if it could do so?

academic He wants to savor the honey of glory in Peruvian soccer again, but it is not as easy as it may seem. And is that economic adversity does not allow you to compete with the peace of mind you need. In the midst of this complex situation, the ‘U’ does not throw in the towel and always seeks to manage to stay in the fight. This is being reflected in the current national pass market, where creams have made very few movements in their squad, but with what they have they will fight for their longed-for star 27.

It is essential that the Merengue institution find the financial stability that it lost in recent years. In this way, there will be greater tranquility in the purely sports field. Meanwhile, academic you will have to deal with these difficulties, as you do now.

Due to the economic readjustment carried out by the new administration, the ‘U’ has been quite limited to build its squad for the 2022 season. In that sense, the cream club has only confirmed three fixed reinforcements, although it will probably do one more operation .

. With the integration of these three players, the cream squad for the next season is ready, although the coach Gregorio Pérez does not completely close the doors in case there is a special circumstance that another player may join.

. In the same way, these operations -maybe- will not be enough for the ‘U’, which would be left with little support in areas that it needs.

On defense: One of the most critical points for Universitario in the last campaign was the defensive back. This problem was mainly evident in Ángel Comizzo’s stage and it improved relatively thanks to Gregorio Pérez. Likewise, it is a factor that must be taken into account to prevent it from taking a toll later.

. Of course, on the substitute bench they do not have as much support as they would like.

Nelinho Quina and Federico Alonso make up the titular pair of University in the central defense |  Photo: GEC

Brayan Velarde, the first substitute in the event that either of them is injured, has not made the grade as expected. The 22-year-old defender suffers a lot of ups and downs on the court, something that is not beneficial. For his part, Leonardo Rugel still needs to learn and mature more to consolidate behind the ‘U’.

. Although this will most likely not materialize, it would certainly be very helpful to have a footballer in this area. .

As for the wings, there are not many problems after the renewal of Aldo Corzo and the continuity of Diego Chávez on the right wing. While on the left, Gregorio trusts in what Nelson Cabanillas and Iván Santillán can do.

On the steering wheel: The area where the University is best reinforced for 2022 is in the midfield. There he would not have many problems with his new signings: Ángel Cayetano and Alfonso Barco. Likewise, Armando Alfageme, Jorge Murrugarra, Gerson Barreto, Hernán Novick, Rafael Guarderas and Mathías Carpio – those who were already there – will continue under the orders of the Uruguayan coach to have a powerful midfielder, both in contention and in the creation of the game.

As for the attack, the ‘U’ longed for the return of Jonathan dos Santos, but this has not been possible due to the financial situation of the club. .

There was a time when the offensive zone of the cream box worried the fans. The forwards of Universitario were not very fine facing the rival goal before the return of Gregorio Pérez. .

Alex Valera is the main offensive card of Universitario |  Photo: GEC

The Uruguayan coach managed to exploit the virtues of 25-year-old Alex Valera, who now has the confidence he needs to continue celebrating conquests.

. Now, he hopes to continue on the same path next season.

As a company, he will have Luis Urruti, who scored five goals the previous season, and Alberto Quintero, who scored three. .

Undoubtedly, the 29-year-old winger will be able to contribute a lot with his great talent to the ‘U’, although it is most likely that the team will need more replacement up front. That’s where the name of Yuriel Celi comes in, which has been ringing strongly in the cream shop in recent days. If it happens, the offensive zone of the creams will be practically consolidated and ready for anything.


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