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Sports University: the millionaire reason why creams will not play the Libertadores at the Monumental

Sports University You already know your possible rivals for phase 2 of the Copa Libertadores 2022. However, it was very surprising that, in the match schedules, the cream team is not going to play at the Monumental as they used to.

The Conmebol announced the date, time and scene of the matches of University in the Copa Libertadores. The cream team will have to face the winner of the key between Montevideo City vs. Barcelona.

Places can be changed. The Conmebol It gives the teams some time to find another scenario. But nevertheless,


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For academic it is more accessible to play at the National Stadium for a great reason.

However, the National Stadium meets all the requirements. That is why Universitario has decided to play its Copa Libertadores match at the home of the Peruvian team. If he advances to the round, he will also continue to do so in the José Díaz colossus.

Sports University publishes images of the Ate Monumental Stadium |  Photo: University / Facebook

“The problem lies in the retention of amounts that Conmebol makes for not meeting the lighting level requirements. We still cannot release an amount withheld by Conmebol until we resolve that issue. We do not want them to keep holding us, the investment is approximately 1 million dollars ”, published Jean Ferrari on his social networks.

To solve this issue, for this reason, it is almost impossible for creams to use the Monumental for the Copa Libertadores.

“Conmebol requests a number of points, the Monumental does not have them, when the final of the Copa Libertadores was played, it was Conmebol itself who rented the missing lighting accessory. What Conmebol did is retain amounts that they themselves send until a solution to this issue is resolved. Can you play at the Monumental? Yes, it is possible, the problem is that they will continue to withhold amounts from us that are strong, “Ferrari added to El Comercio.

This problem does not come from now. No administration could not solve this issue about lighting. Now University is looking at the cost and benefit, so he decided not to play at the Monumental. .

University programming in the Copa Libertadores.  (Photo: Conmebol)



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