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Jürgen Klopp expressed his concern after Liverpool’s defeat: “I can’t find an explanation for what happened”


Lima, December 29, 2021Updated on 12/29/2021 05:23 pm

Liverpool missed a great opportunity to catch up with leaders Manchester City (50 points) after losing (1-0) to Leicester City in the Premier League. The coach of the ‘Reds’, Jürgen Klopp expressed his annoyance at the loss that keeps him in third position with 41 points.

“I can’t find an explanation for what happened (Tuesday against Leicester), looking for one is my main concern, not how City is doing it”explained the German coach during a conversation with the British media.

In the same way, Jürgen Klopp was concerned about the team’s performance. The players missed clear opportunities to even the score.

In addition, he acknowledged the errors will need to be polished. “Against Leicester our plan was not to let City get away. But playing like this we can’t think of catching him. On the other hand, if we play our football, we can see what it means ”, added the technical director.

Klopp and his criticism

After the end of the commitment Jürgen Klopp recognized the poor performance of the team. “We played a really bad game, so their triumph was well deserved. We should have defended better. We do it normally, so it’s hard to explain why we didn’t do it today ”, noted at a press conference.

Regarding the penalty that Mohamed Salah missed, the Liverpool coach came to his defense. “There is no blame. He usually scores in these situations ”, mentioned.

It is important to mention that the next meeting of the ‘Reds’ will be played this Sunday, January 2, against Chelsea. Both teams are bound to get a win, as the ‘Blues’ leveled against Brighton on the recent day.




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