SportsAn amendment for proportional gauges in the stands adopted

An amendment for proportional gauges in the stands adopted


The government’s announcement made football players jump, as if we had not learned anything from the virus since it appeared in our lives, almost two years ago. The return of the gauges to 5,000 spectators in the stadiums (and 2,000 in the theaters) without paying attention to the capacity of the different speakers marks a sacred step backwards, while local elected officials and leaders have been working for many months on proportional gauge scenarios, adapted to each situation.

But not everyone has said their last word. Thus, the deputy La République En Marche Sacha Houlié announced on Wednesday evening that an amendment aimed at “proportioning the framing measures of the conditions of access and presence (…) according to the reception capacity of the establishments” was adopted by the National Assembly Law Commission.

“It was a matter of common sense. The gauges in the stadiums and theaters will be established on the basis of the prorata of the reception capacity and not in absolute value ”, welcomed the elected on Twitter.

However, the battle is not won. The gauges are supposed to come into effect on January 3, when the bill will be considered in the National Assembly. The amendments remain suspended during the parliamentary shuttle between the Assembly and the Senate.




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