SportsCristiano Ronaldo noted for his attitude at Manchester United:...

Cristiano Ronaldo noted for his attitude at Manchester United: “There is no harmony in the dressing room”


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Individually, Cristiano Ronaldo is a success at Manchester United: 13 goals in 19 official matches between the Premier League and the Champions League. While, collectively, doubts arise around the presence of the Portuguese with the team on the field. At least, that is the conclusion of the analysis carried out in England on the present of the forward.

Gabriel Agbonlahor, who wore the Aston Villa shirt in his time as an active footballer, spoke in the British medium Football Insider and charged against ‘CR7 ′. “It seems that he is only interested in his own goals”, he opined, referring to the role played in the duel against Newcastle at St. James Park.

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Then the former ‘Villain’ focused on Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude. “He was sulking the whole game. He was gesturing with his arms because he had no chances. And then he ran off the field, sulking, and I imagine he would be sulking in the locker room too. He is a fantastic player who has had a fantastic career, but It is no longer what it wasadded.

So, in Agbonlahor’s words, there are three players who are clearly hurt by the Portuguese’s presence on the pitch: Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho. If I was them I’d be scared to shoot. Whenever they do, he raises his hands and tells them why they didn’t pass the ball to him “explained the analyst.

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Along the same lines, the Englishman expressed: There is no harmony in the wardrobe. Rashford and Greenwood’s form has worsened since Ronaldo arrived.. They cannot express themselves, it is as if they think they have to pass the ball to Ronaldo or create an occasion for Ronaldo. Before Ronaldo arrived, Greenwood faced rivals and shot, now he doesn’t do it anymore “.

Then, the former member of the ‘Three Lions’ team recalled that one of Manchester United’s best offensive presentations was without ‘CR7’ and against Chelsea. In fact, in the 1-1 that both clubs signed, Sancho scored the goal for his own and the Portuguese entered the complementary stage.

If it were Rashford, Greenwood or Sancho I’d wonder why we brought it. Manchester United played their best game of the season against Chelsea, with Ronaldo on the bench. Rashford, Greenwood, and Sancho can play in a three-game attack by rotating positions and running on the back. If the coach had personality he would leave Ronaldo out of the next game, Hill.


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