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Dani Alves did want to return to Barcelona during the management of Josep Maria Bartomeu


Lima, December 30, 2021Updated 12/30/2021 03:52 pm

They contradict the statements of the Brazilian side. Dani Alves gave statements to the Qatari station Alkass Sports Chanells and, in them, he referred to the possibility of having returned to FC Barcelona before, exactly, during the time that Josep Maria Bartomeu was the president of the Barça team.

During the interview, Alves maintained that “I would not have accepted an offer from him, I left when he was president and there was no point in working with him again”.

However, Mundo Deportivo maintained that the reality is that the Brazilian footballer “He offered himself directly to Bartomeu himself to return in May 2019.” According to the Spanish newspaper, Dani Alves indicated that it was time to put aside any conflict and did so through a WhatsApp message.

Bartomeu’s response would be that he would speak to Eric Abidal. The media even stated that Alves tried to communicate with the former Barcelona technical secretary, but they never got to do anything.

Dani Alves on Florentine

The Barcelona footballer praised the work of the president of the ‘White House’: “He is concerned about the interests of Real Madrid, a successful management cannot be compared with poor management, it depends a lot on the presidents. They are used to signing great players, but that bonus will not prevent us from facing them ”.

About Laporta and Messi

“Laporta will rebuild the club, and with his return stability will return. We are happy to have him with us “, declared Alves, showing the Barça president happy for the return; but, on the other hand, I regret the departure of the former Barcelona captain: “Messi’s departure was difficult, the club had problems and it was difficult to retain him. He was against his departure because he is a living legend of Barça. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way we wanted, but I hope that he will come back one day and we can play together again.




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