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Joao Villamarín in University: “I think that the swelling is irrelevant, one is due to the institution that hires him” | INTERVIEW


The opportunities are to take advantage of them. If we let them pass, it is very likely that they will not appear again. Thus describes Joao Villamarin his arrival at academic. The biggest challenge, as he says, in his entire career.

Beyond what can be said on social networks, at 29 years old ,. Perhaps it is not the team of which he is a fan, but in life there are challenges and doors are opened that you should not stop wasting.

Finally, after several years touring Peru, one of the big three became interested in him. And after talking to Gregorio perez, reading the comments of the fans, he understood that he will be in a place where he will be demanded more than the account, but that will also make him feel that this could be his place in the world.

—How do you summarize your year 2021?

I had a pretty rough year in terms of what happened. Of course speaking extra-sports, because soccer I had a great time in Boys. They treated me very well and the truth is that doing that job was a good effort to now be part of this important team as academic. A great team, a historical team. That fills me with motivation and really wanting to keep improving and to keep growing in terms of football.

“Why do you think your consolidation delayed?”

I think the improvement in my performance was the very fact of focusing more on playing and enjoying myself. Enjoying in the sense that one can become robotized in terms of the system and forms of play that the technicians have. So, I think that the greatest virtue that I was able to rescue from my season in Boys was that I enjoyed it. I found myself, with Joao who simply wanted to play football because he is passionate about it and because he likes to win. I think that was the key to everything so that things turn out well.

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—In addition to university, did you handle some options abroad?

I had several offers. They also asked from outside, but unfortunately on the way they fell due to situations that until now I do not know. The important thing is that the work paid off and, thank God, I had a good chance of being able to help several teams. Obviously the football challenge and because I am a great team I am in the U. It is a very important challenge. Hoping to achieve the maximum goal at the end of the season.

“Why did you say that the U was the opportunity you were waiting for?”

You work to keep growing. I am a person who believes that opportunities come at the right time. It came to me at a time when I have totally changed the chip of what is the subject of developing my football to show the true face of my game. That went a long way and I’m getting even more out of it.

—Gregorio Pérez also spoke to you before you sign for University?

The sports project motivates me. I had a previous conversation with Professor Gregorio before starting the negotiations. The truth is that I liked his way of expressing what he thinks. He is a direct person when it comes to telling you the things that he thinks are going to happen. And that obviously go hand in hand with work. I was quite seduced by the proposal, obviously having the possibility of belonging to a large team, I think it would not be presented to me at another time. I am one of the people who believe that opportunities are presented once in a lifetime and you have to take advantage of them. In this case, I accepted the challenge because I want to take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest. I want to achieve important things.

– Do you think that today is exaggerated a lot with the swelling of a player?

. You know you have to be a person and then you have to be professional in terms of responsibilities that have to do with the club where you are, regardless of the fan base. So, it is clear that today Joao Villamarín is a U player and I am going to kill for U. And I am going to defend him with everything I have because it is the institution that I trust. To which I have to repay that trust, simply with effort and sacrifice on the field. And obviously outside of him too. Being a person who takes care of himself and is not involved in scandals.

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“Are you already attached to the team?”

Of course. The colleagues have received me very well. The technical command too. The team is super united. He is very strong in the head. The truth is that he is very convinced of what we want to do this season, so we are simply working hard towards what we want. Obviously this is fighting step by step, game by game knowing that with each game there is one less to achieve the goal. We have to fight as a final all the games that we play.

“In what part of the field do you think you fall better?”

I perform better, as you have seen, as a center forward or as a second striker. I think that’s where I take advantage of the subject of movements a little more and, obviously, the subject of spaces to take advantage of my speed.

– In the practices where Gregorio Pérez placed you and what does he ask you to do on the field?

Actually, we haven’t talked about what position you want him to play in for sure. But obviously everyone knows that most of my career I was playing extreme. So it’s not a problem for me. I am ready to play in the position that the teacher wants to put me in with all the possible motivation to continue growing as a professional.

– Because of how they are training, what are we going to see from Universitario in 2022?

They are going to see a lot of commitment, sacrifice. It is what we can promise. We are not fortune tellers to say “we are going to be champions.” This is a long process. We have to go step by step without getting dizzy. We know that we are in a great team and the history of the club forces you to fight important things. But it is useless to say it from the mouth out. This is simply work, commitment and sacrifice. This way the results will give themselves.

– Do you dream of being in the Peruvian team at some point or does it not cross your mind?

Of course. Who would not like it. Every soccer player is excited to be part of their national team and for that you have to work and be prepared. I am a faithful believer that as long as I continue to work in the way that I have been doing and, God willing, the results will be given at some point, the possibility will touch me. I have to be prepared for that.

“What can you promise the University fan?”

Hard work, competition and contribute in the position that touches me for the benefit of the team to achieve the objectives that we have set for this season. .




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