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Angelo Campos: “Alliance is to be champion, do not be afraid to say so” | INTERVIEW


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More than a month has passed since the degree obtained by Alliance Lima, but happiness is still blue and white. Angelo Campos, the goalkeeper who returned to La Victoria for the third time to be the second goalkeeper and ended up being one of the team’s figures, he cannot help but get excited when he remembers the 2021 he had. “It was an explosion of emotions, I don’t know how to describe it, but it is something that I wish many people to feel in life”, tells us. Ángelo lived the best year of his life: champion being a starter, 15 times with the goal in zero, called to the selection for a qualifying match –now he was called up again for the friendlies in January– and now chosen as “Best goalkeeper in League 1” at the DT 2021 Awards.

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—When you arrived at Alianza, did you imagine closing the year as champion?

What happens is that everything has been fast. While waiting for the TAS ruling, I had initiated my separation from Carlos Stein because there was a clause in my contract that said it was to play in League 1. The rest was history. I came to Alianza happy and ended the year the same way. It has been something incredible, mind-blowing and emotional in my life.

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“If Alianza played in League 2, you weren’t going to make it?”

I wanted to go back, like everyone else, but as long as the proposal appeared. Alianza began to assemble in February due to uncertainty and the other teams did so in December. At that moment, a call from the club never came so that I could wait and go in front of Segunda. I left Melgar and the first and only offer I had was from Carlos Stein, so I decided to sign for them. Alianza’s proposal arrived in March more or less, imagine having been standing for so long, waiting for something that was nothing concrete. Already in the course of the days I found out that Carlos Bustos, whom I know from Melgar, was looking for a second goalkeeper and when they told me I didn’t think twice.

—You didn’t mind arriving as the second archer

Not really. I came to be the second goalkeeper. It was what they told me they were looking for. But beyond that, I arrived with all the desire to work and support the group from wherever I am. I know Professor Carlos and I know what he was looking for from me. There is also my love for Alianza because I have been a fan since I can remember, so it was something nice to return to the club after two years. I had to wait for my moment, patient, working and supporting what I could and when I had the opportunity, I was ready and with the desire to do things well.

– What was the game in which you realized you were to fight for the title?

Against Universitario, we won it in the end. We were coming off three consecutive victories and Cristal fell a date earlier. There we feel very close to them in the accumulated. In addition, grabbing the tip in the classic was a strong emotional blow. The next game we tied, but from there came like six or seven consecutive victories that allowed us to be at the top. The game against ‘U’ is the game that anyone would have liked to play: we won with ten men, with a goal last.

—What are the virtues that you rescue the most from the squad that was renewed for the other season by almost 90%?

We have very good communication on and off the field. As for football, the virtue of defending well. They generated very little for us and that is important for a team. We defenders knew that we were going to score a goal with the quality of players we had on offense; and they, the forwards, knew that we were going to defend with all zero. That was what worked for us all year.

—Apart from that they had players like Barcos, Farfán, Ballón, Miguez… experience and leadership

They are players with experience, experience, and their contribution was important. Hernán and Jefferson are top players, having them in the squad adds a lot. Josepmir is one of those with the most titles in Peruvian football. And the ‘Cotorra’ (Míguez), I had already shared a squad with him in Melgar and he knew what he could give. They contribute a lot for quality as footballers and people. That adds up to a lot and the little ones feel protected.

—With Fabio Rojas they are the only ones who won in 2017 and 2021, what title do you get?

I keep this one. I enjoyed 2017 and celebrated it as a fan and part of the team. It was nice because Alianza was championing again after eleven years, so being part of the team, having photos with the cup and the medals, was beautiful. It was also my first title. But I think this year has been much better for me because I played a large part of the championship as a starter. That gives it value. Hearing the final whistle from the referee is an indescribable sensation. It was an explosion of emotions. Joy, happiness, nostalgia, peace … many things.

—The fan went from remembering you for your save in the South American Sub 20 in 2013 to the one covered in the final against the header of Irven Ávila …

For me they are natural plays. They always told me to always do what is necessary. No more no less. Just enough so that the ball does not enter. And that’s what happened in the head butt. It was a play that had to have been solved that way and I think I did the right thing. As a goalkeeper I think that if I have to shoot I will do it and if not, no. There is not much science either. I decided to solve that play that way and people liked it because it was a hot moment, a hard moment for the team. Others take it as if I had made fun of the rival, but it was not like that.

—How were COVID-19 infections experienced on campus days before the final?

It was hard. Beyond the fact that we could not train like a week, imagine the concern about this disease. The concern for your grandparents, parents, children, wife, we did not know if he was going to attack them. Thirteen colleagues were infected and many others wondering if they had also contracted the virus. Besides we had the stress of the final, many things in mind. Imagine reaching a final so beaten, so physically depleted. There was a training session in which we were twelve players and four goalkeepers, nothing more. But the group got used to not making excuses all year long. We did not have preseason, the squad was quickly armed, we came to play Second and ended up playing League 1, but the squad never excused themselves. The results at the end of the year are the reward for that.

“What is the first thing that crossed your mind when the game ended?”

First I thanked God for everything I experienced. At that moment, I had nothing to do but thank him. At some point I thought about quitting football, I wanted to retire, throw in the towel and now I was in that moment so beautiful. The truth was that it was only gratitude. Like I told you, it was a mixture of emotions, I did not even know what to think, but it is something that I wish many people to feel in life.

—The first thing you did was go to the dressing room

Yes, I go to the dressing room, I kneel down and begin to pray, to give thanks for everything. From there I came out with a polo shirt that became famous, which had the phrase “It’s not me, it’s God’s grace in me.” Later, a calmer one begins to celebrate.

– At what point in your career did you think about retiring from football?

Long time ago. People always see when you are above, but they never see the processes that one lives below. Sometimes due to bad decisions, bad meetings, bad habits, your path is frustrated and in the face of such a blow one wants to abandon, leave everything and throw in the towel. But there is always an opportunity to start from scratch. That happened to me because I made good decisions. I found a way in Christ and everything was changing in my life. It was difficult and will continue to be, but there is nothing impossible for God. Thanks to him I am currently enjoying with my family.

—Your year is rounded off with your first call to the Peruvian team

Yes. I couldn’t believe it. It was a weekend, I was coming to my house and since we had been given days off, I was thinking of going to lunch and going for a walk with my family. Then I get a call from the team manager of the Peruvian Football Federation and he tells me. I felt like a child, so happy that I did not know what to do or who to call, but I held back and called my wife who was the first to know. It was something nice, incredible, and it took me in just a moment. There were just a few days to play the final. It was an incredible boost of spirit.

—This Thursday the call came out and you are called again …

I already had to be in a first call and it was something very nice. One as a player always wants to improve and the national team allows you that. I will continue working because one has to maintain a very high level to be in the national team.

—Next year there will be important challenges: Copa Libertadores and Liga 1. What are the objectives set?

Alliance is to be champion. When I got to the club and they asked me I said it and now I say it again. This coming year, in 2022, we will go in search of the same championship. Do not be afraid to say it. For the Libertadores we have to be competitive every game and look for the classification to the next phase.



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