Peruvian national team: How would you play the friendlies against Panama and Jamaica with players from Liga 1 and MLS?


2022 will be a very important year for peruvian team because you will have to define your classification by Qatar World Cup. The team of Ricardo GarecaBefore facing the next double qualifying date against Colombia and Ecuador, he will play two friendlies against Panama and Jamaica.

These meetings were scheduled so that the selected regulars who are on vacation can train and add minutes with the white and red. The idea that everyone arrives at a competitive pace for the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022.

Ricardo Gareca He has already given the names of the summoned players who are active in League 1. Now he will have to wait for the players who play abroad. As it is not a FIFA date, the teams do not have the obligation to assign them.

The objective of the technical command of the Peruvian team is the players who are in the MLS to play this game.

The Peruvian Federation He is managing the respective permits for all the mentioned players, including Sergio Peña, who also has no activity until April. For its part, it is expected to have Yoshimar Yotún who to date does not have a team.

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With the group of players who are active in the MLS, Sergio Peña, Yoshimar Yotún and those of League 1, Ricardo Gareca It’s very calm. The coach will be able to count on the player base that he will use for the qualifying matches against Colombia and Ecuador.

The Peruvian team plays with a 4-2-3-1 system, sometimes it also jumps onto the playing field with the 4-3-3. That depends on the rival and what he wants to propose Ricardo Gareca. The ‘Tiger’ will have, possibly, every starting defensive zone for the duels of Playoffs.

If the permits are finalized, the 5 players in the back would be Pedro Gallese in goal. As a right back Aldo Corzo and Marco López on the left. The centrals are more than fixed Christian Ramos and Alexander Callens.

In the midfield, Ricardo Gareca will not be able to count on Renato Tapia, Pedro Aquino or Wilder Cartagena. All the options you have come, the one that is outlined to fill that position is Josepmir Ballón.

Josepmir Ballón celebrated his first title with Alianza Lima in 2021.  Photo: League 1.

Yoshimar Yotún By not having a team, he would also enter the starting eleven without any problem. The idea is that the steering wheel adds minutes. He has not played since November and that worries the technical command of the peruvian team.

In The Videna they hope that Malmo will also give permission to Sergio Pena to play these two friendlies. If given, it is certain that he will play from the beginning. The steering wheel became a fundamental part of the peruvian team.

Yoshimar Yotún stopped being a Cruz Azul player.  (Photo: Imago 7)

They would be above Andy Polo who has already recovered from his injury. Too Edison Flores who had a difficult year full of injuries. As the only forward, since they are not Gianluca Lapadula and Paolo Guerrera, will be Alex Valera.

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The presence of the players who are training as guests is not guaranteed. You have to remember that the last word will be had by the teams to which it belongs. In this case, if it happens, Ricardo Gareca will have to deal with players from League 1, and summon more players, because it only has a list of 15 mentioned and would not have variants.

In the arch José Carvallo could replace Pedro Gallese. In defense without the usual summoned, Gianfranco Chávez or Renzo Garcés they would be replacing Alexander Callens. It will depend on Ricardo Gareca. The same would happen with the left wing position. Nilson Loyola would enter for Marco López.

From the middle of the court upwards, things get complicated if the permission for the MLS players or that of Sergio Peña. For example, if Malmo does not accept that its star plays friendlies, Christofer Gonzales I could play in that position.

The ones that could also have opportunities are Osliming Mora, who could go on the right, and Jefferson Farfán on the left. These matches are important to see if the 10 of the Peruvian team it is now available to play from the start.

Or place ‘Canchita’ on the left as Calcaterra enters the steering wheel.

Jefferson Farfán is the historical scorer of the Peruvian team in the Qualifiers.  Photo: AFP.




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