SportsPaolo Guerrero: "Coming to Alianza motivates me a lot,...

Paolo Guerrero: “Coming to Alianza motivates me a lot, but I have to analyze”


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Correction: This note was originally published on December 5

What aliancism experienced in the last 365 days was incredible. Fate, with its mysterious way of acting, whimsically chose November 28 to put together the perfect script for a circular life. From the terrifying episode of 2020 to this year’s title. The fans celebrated that gift in a big way, but wait for another gift: that Paolo Guerrero return to Alliance Lima 2022.

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“”, tells us Paolo Guerrero in a short exclusive interview for El Comercio.

The forward does not hide his happiness for what he achieved Carlos Bustos’ team. Can not. He was born aliancista: nephew of Caíco Gonzáles, uncle of Sergio Peña, his heart is blue and white. Guerrero, who is also an ambassador for Metro, was at the lighting of the 15-meter tree that took place in Kennedy Park, in Miraflores, promoting the initiative of the supermarket chain “Donate a toy”. In the middle of his words, a fan yelled at him: “We are champions, Paolo!”. He didn’t hesitate to raise his arm. It also feels part of the feat.

A solas with Paolo

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Interviewing Paolo is as difficult as marking him. His very presence attracts people as if they were rival defenders ready to chop off his legs with their kicks. He knows it, but he doesn’t dodge them, he goes towards them. Historic scorer and captain of the Peruvian national teamHe feels the duty to repay the fans for the love they give him on a daily basis.

White shirt, lead pants and black boots. Our warrior still feels the ravages of one of the most difficult battles that he had to face: the injury to his right knee. His recovery is getting better every day and there he is, greeting people, raising his arm and smiling even though a mask tries to cover the gesture without success.

At one point, the tumult warns that maybe everything will get out of hand and something could go wrong. Because Paolo Guerrero he gets in his car and leaves Kennedy Park. El Comercio, one of the three accredited means to converse with the attacker, goes after him. The famous Sanisidrino Country Club hotel is the meeting point.

In the midst of the darkness and tranquility that surrounds the Club, Guerrero shines with its own light. It doesn’t take many seconds for some lucky guy to see him and start yelling his name. Then a handful of fans are surrounding him to ask for a photo, an autograph and thank him for making them happy for a moment. He smiles, attends and responds affection with great gestures. The idol is rendered immortal by these actions.

—You said days ago that it is not in your plans to return to Alianza Lima next year. Does the title achieved change your plans or what conditions must be met for your return?

I am a fan of Alianza, how could I not want to return? Many people say: ‘no, you’re going to come back old, I don’t know what’. I take care of myself. I want to make everyone understand that I take great care of myself to play at a high level and when I come to Alianza I will be there to play.

“Is your return in 2022 ruled out?”

I have proposals from abroad. Coming to Alianza motivates me a lot, not that I discard it, but I have to analyze. I live in Brazil, my last team has been a Brazilian team. From what I understand I have proposals from other clubs, but let’s see, I do not rule out coming to Alianza in a moment, but now I am focused on recovering one hundred percent because I want to play again and play well again.

“How is your recovery going?”

I have a problem, which I have to solve. I am not injured, but I have to put an effort to my leg so that my knee can load me well and play at the high level again.

– Is your desire to continue abroad to fight for a position in the starting eleven of the national team in the remainder of the Qualifiers and, if it happens, in Qatar?

I am recovering to play and play well. Like you said, I want to be at the top level to compete.

Paolo Guerrero’s wish, as he has always said, is to return to Alianza Lima, the club of his loves. But in the middle is the dream of getting to cover the last leg towards Qatar in his best form, competing like the warrior that he is. Before saying goodbye, he spoke of the “Donate a toy” campaign this Christmas -you can participate in any Metro store-, although the Christmas gift that the Alliance fan longs for is his return.

Paolo Guerrero dreams of being in Qatar.


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