SportsPaolo Guerrero: When could the national attacker play again?

Paolo Guerrero: When could the national attacker play again?


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Peruvian striker Paolo Guerrero celebrates his 38th birthday and does so in the midst of a personal struggle to fully recover from a knee injury that has afflicted him for some time. The national has been training at La Videna in order to reconnect with football as soon as possible.

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Paolo Guerrero was injured in August 2020. The cruciate ligament tear in his right knee had him standing for more than seven months. It reappeared in March 2021, but it was not yet 100% recovered. Despite this, he had minutes with Inter between March and June.

His knee was not fully recovering, so in June he had to stop again after playing for Peru against Colombia – his lack of football rhythm was notorious – and he reappeared in August with his club. Unfortunately, he was never comfortable and the pain was still in his knee. On October 8 was his last game, with the Peruvian team against Chile.

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After that, he decided to dedicate himself fully to his recovery, so much so that he separated from Inter to be able to work only on his knee. He traveled to Germany to undergo a special treatment that does not require operation, since this was not a guarantee that he would be completely well.

“Paolo is fine, he didn’t need to be operated on. He did treatment, physiotherapy. Here in Germany there are good doctors and I am very grateful. Everything is going very well and we are happy because it will be fine, “said Doña Petronila Gonzales, the player’s mother.

Thus, Paolo has now been training at La Videna together with the technical command of the Peruvian team. Although his progress is good, he is not recovered yet, so he will not be cited for the January Playoff dates. Guerrero himself said that he is calm in his recovery. “I am recovering very well. It is a process and with the plans, in three to four months I must be returning ”; counted last November.

But the clearest word was given by Nestor Bonillo, physical trainer of the Peruvian team, who ruled out the attacker for January as they want to have him in his best version. What we consider is that it has to be 100% recovered. When that happens, it will be seen what date he will play, “he told Willax Television.

He will not be in January, but it is expected that already in March he can be training normally. This is what Bonillo himself said in an interview with DirecTV: “and we know that he will achieve it without any doubt. We have a good working time and his evolution is very good ”, he declared. As is known, today Guerrero does not have a club after leaving Inter. Offers from Argentina are ringing, but nothing has been done yet. He wants to recover first.

The same said Juan Carlos Oblitas in RPP. , which shelters the hope that it can be in the closing against Uruguay and Paraguay, which are played on March 24 and 29, respectively.

In the celebration of his 38 years, Paolo Guerrero could well ask as a birthday wish that his recovery goes in the best way, and this leads him to wear the white and red on the indicated dates.



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