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Messi and how is the return to training of footballers who contracted COVID-19, according to two physical trainers


Meetings, photos posted on social networks with many people around and a concert with the renowned Argentine cumbia group “Los Palmeras” without wearing masks or respecting social distance. Visit of Lionel Messi to his beloved Argentina for the end of the year parties ended with the contagion by COVID-19. Through a statement, the PSG gave the news of the positive of ’30’ and three more teammates: goalkeeper Sergio Rico, full-back Juan Bernat and midfielder Natha Bitumazola. Also, a club worker. Each one celebrated the arrival of 2022 separately, in their own way, and they got infected. An example that the virus is still with us and does not stop attacking.

“As I explained in my last press conference, there are different priorities. The priority was to take a break after a very busy year, the players and the staff needed to spend time with their families “Mauricio Pochettino justified about the days off he gave the team for the holidays. Leo and his family decided to return to their roots, although at the moment Argentina is one of the most affected countries in the region: on January 1 it reported 20 infections and 12 deaths.

“We have been living with this virus for two years. I am not a doctor, we do the things that specialists tell us to take care of ourselves. There are things that we cannot control, it can happen to us even if we take all the precautions “added the Argentine coach.

, Messi posted on his Instagram last Saturday. Now, because of COVID-19, the Rosario will miss two games in Ligue 1 in addition to tomorrow’s duel for the French Cup.

Lionel it has not been the only one. This Sunday it was also known that Ronaldo, the ‘Phenomenon’, tested positive for the coronavirus. And in Europe the ravages of a new wave of infections is also in sight. The Premier suspended 19 games since December 11, in addition to reporting more than 200 cases in the last month. In the Spanish League, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid have suffered casualties due to infections.

The virus continues to infect and footballers are not exempt from it. And although the normal thing is that they go through the disease with mild symptoms, and some are called back to play the same day of testing negative (epidemiological discharge), the return is not as simple as it seems. DT El Comercio He spoke with two highly experienced fitness trainers about it.

During and after COVID-19

For Sebastian Morales, former physical preparer of the San Martín and author of two books (Complex football and The structured microcycle), the coronavirus is a disadvantage due to the quarantine and absolute rest that doctors recommend to reduce the probability of suffering from any condition in the respiratory system.

Daniel Curbelo, physical trainer at the Sports University, points out that “When we stop, normally the state of form is partially or completely lost, performance decreases”, but it is possible to do some work while in isolation. The latter will be conditional on the footballer’s symptoms and sensations.

After having received the epidemiological and medical discharge, the reinstatement of the soccer player at the highest level of demand must be gradual and according to how the disease has developed (whether or not the virus affected his lungs), as recommended by both professionals. I would recommend starting with tasks in which the players act as support or wild cards so that they can readjust to the time-space-companions-rivals of the game, accompanied by strength exercises where the loads correspond to the levels that they can withstand.. It can also be complemented with general aerobic exercises such as continuous, interval and / or intermittent portfolios to allow the cardio-respiratory system to work according to the demands we place on the game based on the characteristic playing of the team “Morales points out.

It would take a readjustment to the distance, to the weights in the gyms, the decision-making of the volumes. In University, and in other clubs surely, the physical trainers have the help of technology, a GPS with which we can monitor the evolution day by day and then there is the perception of the player once the applied load is finished “adds Curbelo.

There have been cases of footballers who, like Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich, have had their lungs affected after testing positive. This will undoubtedly alter recovery and physical reconditioning time.

Messi joins the list of footballers who have contracted the COVID-19. He will miss two games for now, but everything will depend on how he goes through the disease and how he returns to high-demand training.




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