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Jefferson Farfán shows how he lived his birthday and the title with Alianza Lima | VIDEO


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The return of Jefferson Farfán to the ranks of Alianza Lima for 2021 generated much expectation among the fans of the club and Peruvian football. The experienced forward showed his talent and his presence was remarkable throughout last season in League 1, as he scored key goals that helped his team reach the title.

A few weeks after the end of the campaign, and just before the start of the new competitions, the ‘Foquita’ shared a video on his YouTube channel, in which he highlights what has been experienced over the last few months and details the changes to the which he adapted on his return to the Peruvian capital.

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Punctuality and discipline are essential for an athlete, for a footballer, and for anyone who can practice the sport they like the most. He ordered me a lot to go abroad. Thanks to that, I was able to achieve important things in my career”Said Jefferson Farfán.

In Lima, it is sometimes complicated by traffic, but you should always leave early. When you are young, there are things you want to experience. It is not very easy, because there are negative aspects and it depends on you, if you want to take them or want to fulfill your dreams and achieve the career you want to follow.”He added.

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In the same way, the ‘Foquita’ spoke of his beginnings in Alianza Lima and the first objectives he set for himself. “He always spoke to Paolo Guerrero on combi trips. We said we were going to have a low-end car, then we dreamed of having a sports car, like every soccer player, because that bus that took us, took about two hours … Whoever fights it, gets it”, He highlighted.

Jefferson Farfán also revealed that he used his talent to earn money from a young age. “When I was a chibolo, I played soccer in the neighborhoods and they paid me. They called me and I went to a lot of districts. I took that to my house to help my mother, who has been a single mother”, He expressed.

Finally, the 37-year-old footballer told a curious anecdote, about the way in which he managed to enter Matute without paying. “I saw my idols, Waldir Sáenz or Juan Jayo, and I was excited. I was going to see them at the stadium. When I found a man without children, I would ask him to help me enter as his companion. I had a pint of ‘piranha’, but they supported me to get in for free”, He confessed.

In addition to the memories he narrated in the video, Jefferson Farfán showed some unpublished images from the weeks leading up to the final with Alianza Lima against Sporting Cristal. In the clip there are details of his day to day, how he spent his birthday and also scenes from the title with the ‘Blue and White’ at the National Stadium.


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