SportsLionel Messi case with COVID-19: other athletes who quickly...

Lionel Messi case with COVID-19: other athletes who quickly overcame the coronavirus


The COVID-19 keep attacking everyone. In the world of sports there are many who had this virus. During these last months, positive cases have increased considerably. Lionel Messi A few days ago he confirmed that he has coronavirus. Despite this bad news, the rapid recovery of some athletes has been surprising.

In case of Rafael Nadal It was one of the most surprising. On December 20, after playing the exhibition tournament in Abu Dabi, the Spaniard published on his Twitter account that he had tested positive for the COVID-19.

“I am having some unpleasant moments, but I am confident that I will improve little by little. Now I am confined to home and I have informed the results to the people who have been in contact with me ”, published the tennis player.

That publication had alarmed everyone. But. On December 29, the most successful tennis player in the history of Spain, returned to training without any problem. This news surprised more than one.

As well as that of Rafael Nadal there are more cases. Real Madrid is one of the teams that was badly hit by COVID-19 infections. On December 29, the Spanish team reported that they had tested positive for the coronavirus.

All of them were discarded so as not to play the last game against him Getafe. However, in social networks the archer Thibaut Courtois He was surprised that the next day testing positive, he began to train at home.

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What’s more, if they were ruled out for the first Real Madrid games, all of them were enabled. None of these players presented complications.

On December 28, the Celta Vigo disclosed that 9 members had tested positive for COVID-19. However, who they were was never published.

After 6 days, the aforementioned website ensures that Renato tapia They are ready to go back to training because in his last test he was negative. What’s more, it would be available to play the Copa del Rey.

In other sports, the Mexican boxing legend Julio César Chávez also faced the contagion of this virus, and despite his 59 years, he was only with the disease for a week.

On November 30, his positive was announced, which would be from the 28th of that month. But on December 7 it was already announced that he had tested negative in his PCR test. The former boxer did not stop exercising during his isolation.


About the contagion of Lionel MessiFrom Argentina, much speculation has begun. It is said that the ‘Flea’ would have been infected at the party of his nephew Tomás. Meeting held on December 26 and where he was dancing to the rhythm of Los Palmeras. That meeting had many people and was held indoors.

They also highlight that. That is making the symptoms not so strong. The Argentine star is already in the final phase of his recovery, in the next few days he will take the test again.

The idea of Lionel Messi It was to arrive in Paris in the early hours of 2022. However, now you will have to wait a little longer. The objective of the ‘Pulga’ is to be against Lyon on January 9.





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